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  • August 12, 2022
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Memorizing all the formulas of Science & Mathematics can be difficult when you have a lengthy syllabus to cover. Moreover, you have to return to old texts to find ancient procedures that you may not have remembered.

Mathematics is feared by most students due to the multitude of formulas and computations involved.

Formulas are the fundamental building blocks of all problems; there is no joy in mathematics without them.

Formulas from Class 10 Math are the basis for numeracy abilities. Therefore, understanding and mastering these formulas can help you solve complex problems with ease and precision.

In addition, the student's ability to apply mathematics in real-world circumstances is improved in the process.


Tips to Memorize formulas for Mathematics and Science

1. Make use of the Periodic Table

To create chemical formulae, get familiar with chemical symbols, which may be found on the periodic table of elements.

The periodic table contains the full names of all known features and their characters, such as H for hydrogen or Cl for chlorine.

Some of these symbols are clear, such as O for oxygen, while others, such as Na for sodium, are not as evident with their English names; the sign stems from natrium, the Latin word for sodium.


2. Recognizing Chemical Symbols

First, it would help to put down the symbol for each atom in your molecule or compound before creating your chemical formula.

For example, you could be given the name of a chemical, such as sodium chloride, and asked to figure out which atoms are present.

Then, write Na for sodium and Cl for chloride, a type of chlorine, to produce the formula NaCl for sodium chloride or salt.


3. Calculating the valence

Ionic compounds, formed by combining a metal and a nonmetal, are more complicated than covalent compounds because they include charged atoms. Some periodic tables may consist of valences or a positive or negative charge.

Cations, or positive ions, are found in group 1, with a charge of +1; group 2, of +2; and the transition elements found in groups 3 through 12. Groups 13, 14, and 18 have variable charges, whereas groups 15–17 are anions, which means they have negative charges.


4. Charges are being balanced

When writing, knowing the valence of each element is critical since you need to balance your chemical formula so that it has no charge.


5. Practice concentration

Mathematical and science-related words and formulae need strong attention and deep engagement to be assimilated into the mind. As a result, you must improve your focus for any complicated or long formulae to stay in your memory.


6. Relax your brain

Math and science issues cannot be taught under stress since a stressed brain loses its work capacity and finds it challenging to work on complicated problems.

As a result, you must first rest your thoughts. You will concentrate better on your assignment if you do this.


7. Practice as often as you can

It may seem apparent, but the more you use the formulae you need to know, the more likely you are to remember them.

Therefore, list all relevant formulae on a page and review them whenever you have time. After all, memory is the result of repetition.


8. Reduce your reference checks

Many students believe that once they see a formula, it is in their brains, but when they attempt to recollect it the following morning, they are surprised to discover that the formula slipped out throughout the night.

To prevent this issue, try solving a problem using the formula without looking it up.


9. Understand the core notion of the formula

Before proceeding with the formulae, try to clarify your fundamental conceptions. This will help you comprehend the formula's meaning.

For example, in the formula a = F / m, where acceleration (a) is stated in terms of force (F) and mass (m), the percentage F is at the top. This makes sense since exerting more pressure on an item causes it to accelerate faster.

On the other hand, mass is towards the bottom of the fraction, which indicates the item's speed will drop since greater mass equals more inertia, making the thing more difficult to accelerate.


10. Keep away from any distractions

This includes not just the electronics you use but also your bodily urges such as hunger, thirst, sleepiness, and so on.

Discover the origins of each formula. Derivation of a formula can help you get acquainted with the roots and notions, which will help you maintain them in your mind for a long time.

Furthermore, when you derive a formula, you encounter a lot of different formulae. In that manner, you may learn just the formulas required to deduce the remainder of the equations.


11. Use memorizing techniques

Try to create a tale that incorporates everything you're trying to learn. A story's sequencing might help you recall things in a specific order.


Final Words

With this knowledge, you can recall all the math and science formulas in a single shot. Hopefully, this will allow you to quickly memorize your math and science formulas and score high on your boards. 


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