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  • April 01, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Have you ever witnessed a scenario where you wake up in the morning and instead of feeling rejuvenated you feel completely exhausted?


Well, most of you must have encountered such a situation in your life!


When it comes to the exam, your night sleep just vanishes!! And, on the day of the exam, you start feeling sleepy and under-confident.


Isn’t it?


Whether you are anxious, over-excited, nervous, or even stressed out, you feel great difficulty in your sleep cycle.


And neglecting the proper sleep cycle will adversely affect your health, hormones, and other day-to-day activities.


Now, you must be wondering that you already know what the problem is, but, where’s the solution?


Well, we have got your back!!


Just keep on reading this blog till the end and you will find 34 solutions to shoo away your problem of sleep depreciation.



Top-notch and innovative solutions when you can’t sleep



1. Take time to let your mind to sleep


You can’t simply lay on the bed and tell your mind to just sleep. It’s not like a switch which you can turn on or off.


Therefore, you should prepare your mind for sleep at least one hour before going to bed.



2. Don’t drink any liquids before going to sleep


You should avoid taking any fluids at least an hour before going to bed. If you don’t do so, then you face excessive urination at night hours which is commonly known as Nocturia which will hamper your sleep quality.



3. Set a sleeping pattern


You have been pretty aware of the scenario of waking up and going to bed on time on normal days. But, when the exam time comes, you change your sleep cycle.


It will adversely affect your health. Try to fix a routine that you can follow regularly otherwise you will feel more exhausted and drained.



4. Have bright light exposure during day time


When you expose yourself to the bright light during the day hours, then your body keeps on reminding you that it’s time to work and not to sleep.


This will help you adjust your sleep cycle and you will witness relaxed and quality sleep during the night hours.



5. Stay away from the stress


While going to bed, don't remind yourself of the unfinished class project that you need to submit or some assignment that is pending by end of the week.


This will divert your mind from thinking about the repercussions of not being able to complete all the things. So, keep the stress of work at a bay during your sleep time.



6. Don’t take caffeine in the late day hours


If you consume caffeine during the late hours of the day, then it will stop your body from relaxing naturally in the nighttime. So, try to avoid caffeine intake during the late hours.



7. Reduce long daytime naps


Daytime naps affect the overall duration of your night's sleep. So, if you have something to complete or study then do it in day time instead of taking the nap.



8. Take light meals at night


If you take a large meal at night, then you will indicate your body has more energy and then utilize it till late at night.


So, it is always advisable to take a light meal at night and that also 2-3 hours before you sleep.



9. Do meditation


Follow a small session of pre-bedtime meditation before you sleep.


It will help to keep stress and anxiety at a bay from you and you will be able to concentrate properly on your studies also.



10. Optimize your surroundings


Make sure that your bedroom is free from external noise, extra lighting, or artificial lights that can affect your sleep.


If you keep your surroundings optimized then you won’t face issues in night sleep.



11. Try out yoga


Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you can try some of the easy yoga poses to soothe your mind before going to bed.


You can simply try out inhaling and then exhaling the air through one of your nostrils at a time.



12. Stay away from the screen


Before you go to bed, keep away all the electronic devices from you. Try to keep them away at least an hour before you go to sleep.



13. Don’t work out before going to bed


Work out is important to keep your body alert for the entire day. But, if you do an intense workout before going to bed then you will feel more alert and it will hamper your sleep.


So, try to avoid it before going to sleep.



14. Don’t drink warm milk


Most people believe that consuming dairy products will help in making your mind sharp. But, if you consume them before going to bed then it will disrupt your sleep cycle.



15. Listen to soothing music


Listening to soothing music will not only give you internal peace but will also help to get a deep and long sleep in no time.


It will help you relax your mind and stay calm and composed.



16. List all the things you are grateful for


When you write all the things in a single place to which you are grateful, then it will give you a sense of satisfaction and you will easily fall asleep.


For example, it can be something you have asked in your life or some project that you have been longing to complete and submitted in time.



17. Wear something comfortable


Having a comfortable outfit will allow you to sleep peacefully and shoo away all the stress and anxiety from your life.



18. Use an eye mask


You might land in a situation where the surroundings of your room are interrupting your sleep. Then use an eye mask to disconnect from the surroundings and experience blissful sleep.



19. Keep your room clean


If you try to sleep in a completely cluttered space then surely it will affect your sleep. Therefore, always make it a habit to keep your bed and surroundings clean before you go to sleep.



20. Don’t use social media


Using social media will make you feel anxious and demotivated. And, if you see it before going to bed then it will make things even worse for you.


Therefore, it is always advisable to stay disconnected from social media, especially during the night hours.



21. Write a diary or journal


You can write your entire day experience in the form of a diary at night. You can mention all the things like how you felt at school, is there anything that is bothering you, or how you feel.


This will help you get an easy and sound sleep at night.



22. Do a crossword puzzle


When you do a crossword puzzle you spend a lot of energy in getting the apt answers. It will not only make you feel exhausted but will also help you with sound sleep.



23. Take a hot shower


Taking a hot shower before going to bed will increase the relaxation levels. It will further help you with a sound and deep sleep in no time.



24. Use lavender scents around you


Studies have revealed that using the lavender scents around you will promote deep sleep. In addition to that, you will feel more rejuvenated the very next morning by using it around you.



25. Stay away from noises


Make it a habit to close the doors if you reside in a suburb place with lots of noise. The unwanted noise can disturb your sleep making you feel more irritated and disturbed.



26. Leave behind the troubles


When it's quiet at the night, you start thinking about the entire day and the troubles that you have faced throughout the day.


It will make you worried and you won’t be able to sleep well. So, try to think about your entire day at least an hour before you sleep.



27. Bore yourself


Try reading a historical book that bores you a lot. This will help you easily fall asleep and you will encounter a peaceful sleep.



28. Take proper rest


Firstly, try to find out the reason that is bothering you the most during the nighttime. Take out steps to resolve that problem much before you sleep and take proper rest.



29. Experiment with your evening routine


Your evening routine significantly affects your sleep time. Try to do different things in your evening routine and check what works best for you.



30. Change your diet


Most of the time, it is your diet that is affecting your sleep cycle. Try to make changes in your diet and see what it has in store for you.



31. Prepare for the next day


Before you go to bed, take out the proper time to prepare for the next day. This will save you from any sort of buzz or problems that you can encounter on the following day.



32. Take some fresh air


Taking some fresh air before going to sleep will help you improve your sleep cycle.



33. Keep your bedroom cool


If the temperature is not comfortable in your room, then you won’t be able to witness sound sleep. Make your room temperature comfortable enough to stay calm.



34. Track your sleep


Keep a track of your sleep every day so you can easily analyze what's the hindrance behind your sound sleep.





By using the above solutions, you can easily have a peaceful sleep at the night.


These solutions will help you in every sphere of life, no matter, whether you are a student or some professional you can meticulously use these methods.


Try these solutions and do write us in the comment section what you feel about it!!






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