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  • December 23, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Everyone knows the benefits of meditation in one way or the other. But, does it has anything to do with the students?




Meditation shows great results for mental peace and health, and students too need that.


Meditation and mindfulness come hand in hand.


Mindfulness is something that keeps you aware of your internal state and surroundings.


Whereas, meditation is extended contemplation to achieve focused attention.


When combined, they both provide direction to your brain to the mental state of calmness and serenity!


Now what’s in there for students?


Check this out!  


Do you know that meditation has the power to alter the brain!




Mediation has the ability to boost your studying!


Feels like I am kidding? But, I’m not!


Meditation offers several benefits ranging from sharper concentration levels to better memory.


Let’s understand these benefits!



1. Enhanced Attention


Once you start doing Meditation, you will feel that your attention is unidirectional.


You’ll be like in extremely and in the state-of-absoluteness!


It feels like kind of another universe!


NO, not Doctor Strange’s Multi-verse!


Just try to understand it this way.


Sometimes, you must have observed in the class that the teacher is delivering the lecture and you are wandering in your thoughts.




Well, meditation is exactly the opposite of that!


Once you start doing attention, your mind will stay intact. And you will have proper focussed attention your studies.  



2. Advanced Concentration




Doesn’t attention and concentration mean the same thing!




Attention is like focussing your torchlight in the dark, you’re seeing too many things but you’re focused on an activity. Concentration is like when you’re focussing your torchlight on a particular object and analysing its size, shape, colour etc.


Got it!    


Good, now back to students, meditation and all!


Meditation is not something that will only help you to retain things in your mind. It is something that will help you concentrate on a thing for a longer time!


For instance, you are learning some concept, but after 15-20 minutes, or let's say after 25 minutes, you start losing your interest in the topic.


And leaves!


In that case, meditation will increase your concentration power.



3. Improved Creativity


Creativity depends on what?


Money? NO!


Time? NO!


Skills? Not exactly!


Then what?


It’s the peace of mind!


Yes, only a healthy, calm and composed mind can do creativity.


And students, what does meditation provides?


Peace of mind and Calmness!


So, meditation is the key to ace creativity!



4. Offer Sleep!


Have you heard the phrase – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?”


Add SLEEP too in that phrase!


Sleep disorder mostly happens when your exams are approaching or going on.


When you try to sleep, the thoughts of the next exam, its syllabus, its preparation, start haunting your mind.


Now, what to do?


It is very natural to feel anxious about the next exam or keep on thinking about it.


But if it’s hampering your sleep too much then it’s not at all a good sign.


Researches have revealed that mediation can help to overcome this.


Meditation is better for sleeplessness than medication!



5. Reduced Stress Levels


Stress is not always a bad companion.


If you are someone who takes a reasonable amount of stress then it will help you perform well and work towards your goal.


But, WHAT is this reasonable amount of stress?


This is the amount of stress that will motivate you to perform well and don't make you so much anxious that you forget everything.


If you do meditation regularly then it will not allow the stress to take a toll on you.


For example, if you need to submit an assignment, give a test, and prepare for an event for the very same day then meditation will help you stay calm.


When you’re calm, you can manage all these things flawlessly without any difficulty.



6. Improves Self-esteem


Nowadays, online sites have played a great role to ruin your self-esteem.


Not the Squid Game, that was good!


Whenever you open a social media app, you not only waste your time, but you even start wondering others are superior to you.


And this ultimately makes you the victim of an inferiority complex.


Once you start doing the meditation, then you’ll rise and will exponentially improve your self-esteem.



7. Improves Response Inhibition


If you are very impulsive in giving answers, then meditation is YOUR ANSWER!


For instance, if a teacher puts a question in front of you. Then you instantly answer it without even giving a second thought.


But, as soon as you realize you’re wrong, the damage has been done!


When you do meditation, then your response inhibition gets better.



Final Verdict


By now, you must be pretty much convinced how greatly you need meditation as student!


It is a one-stop solution to make you feel relaxed and fulfilled.


Once you start implementing this in your life, the enjoyment you will encounter will be far beyond explanations.


So, what are you waiting for?


Imbibe this habit in your daily routine.


And share your views below in the comment section about this blog and about the benefits you got by doing meditation.


So, stay tuned for much blogs!


All the Best!


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