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  • July 08, 2022
  • Posted By : Jai Singh
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Skills Needed for future Proof Learning   

With the ever-evolving advancements in the education system, the study pattern of the students has changed a lot.

Those days are gone when students used to mug up the concepts to achieve high academic grades. Nowadays, students are more inclined towards gaining knowledge rather than gaining marks.

Besides that, this changing trend will go on at a sky-rocketing pace in the coming future.

Are the students prepared to cope with the changes in the coming future? If not, then which skills do they require to become future-ready?

This is a major concern that strikes anyone's mind.

But, if we have an idea regarding the skills that students should hone in the coming future, is there any way to acquire them?

The answer to this is a big YES!

But, before going deep down on how to acquire those skills, it is very important to know what those skills are.

Competition among the students is increasing at a rapid pace. No matter whether we talk about the academic or the competitive exam but this race is never-ending.

To get an edge over the others, students must develop some core skills that will help them bloom in the future.

So, without any further delays just stay glued to this blog till the end and you will come across 7 future-proof skills that students need for the future.

Let’s get started!!


Future-proof skills for students

Horses must be running in your mind regarding the future-proof skills that students need for the future. Isn’t it? Hold on!

Don't panic and just keep on reading this section. By the end of this section, you will come across 7 essential yet doable skills for the students that will make them future-ready.


1. Critical thinking and problem solving

This is something of great importance that students should inculcate in the early years of learning.

Most of the time, students are only dependent on the answers of their teachers for a particular problem. They think that the way taught in the class is the only correct way to do a question, especially in subjects like Mathematics.


Students should be allowed to explore and see the question from a different perspective. This will give rise to creative thinking among them which will surely help them in the future.

Critical thinking and problem-solving are important in every field of life. So, even if it is not about academics then also it is a highly likely skill for the students.

When the students in a classroom are allowed to see the problem to solve themselves then everyone will be amazed to witness the different thought processes of every individual.

For example, if a teacher is teaching the triangles chapter in the classroom then every student will have a different approach to finding the angles if allowed to explore.

This is something that they require in the future.


2. Collaborate with others

In the future, when students will start working they will hardly find any sphere where they are working alone. Most of the time, they have to work in teams.

So, if this quality is instilled in them from the school times then it can help them in the future.

To help the students work collaboratively in future workplaces, small group activities must be organized in the classroom.

For example, a small group quiz can be organized where one will act as a leader and the other will act as a follower. And this cycle will keep on changing so that every student gets the essence of being a leader and a follower.

Moreover, they will get a better understanding of the challenges that they are facing as a leader or a follower. And, they will try to find ways to overcome those problems.


3. Adaptability

Nothing is stagnant and will not even remain so in the future days. So, the students need to be adaptable to the changes around them.

To help imbibe this skill among the students, the teacher should create a dynamic environment around them.

For example, teachers should use different teaching methodologies or tools to help students adjust according to different situations. In addition to that, teachers can even change the setup of the classroom to bring the students out of their comfort zone.

This will be quite a cumbersome task in the initial phase. But, with the advent of time students will develop a habit of the same.


4. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is at its peak phase in the country. And, it will exponentially increase in the coming times.

Students should be taught to take an initiative and stand by it. This will help them develop the skill of being an entrepreneur. But, the see of the initiative is planted in the school days.

For example, asking simple suggestions from the students regarding what they want to change in the classroom or the school. Once they come up with creative ideas or initiatives, they should be allowed to implement them.

Students will enthusiastically work towards their initiatives and if they face any issues they can take help from their mentors.

In this way, they will develop the skill of taking initiative which is highly important for the future.


5. Effective communication

As soon as the students encounter the word communication, they think of it as a synonym for oral communication. But, it is not the case.

To be future-ready students should be fluent in oral as well as written communication. This will act as a great asset when students will be working in a company and want to communicate their opinion.

No doubt, this is not something that will come overnight to the students.

Firstly, students should be made aware of its importance. Secondly, they should be allowed to practice for the same.

Because this is something that can be only mastered with the practice to become future-ready.


6. Information analysis

Nowadays, the internet has changed everything that we could ever imagine. Information analysis is a crucial skill that students must learn to excel in the future.

This is something that can't be taught to the students via hand-holding. Therefore, small efforts need to be made in this direction to help the students learn this analysis.

For example, if the teachers give some research-based assignments to the students then they should give clear expectations to the students.

Students can find several sites on the internet to work on their assignments. But, they should be taught about the difference between information-giving websites and misleading websites.

This will not eventually come to the students. But, as soon as they keep on doing the things they will start understanding them in a better fashion.


7. Curiosity and imagination

Curiosity and imagination are something that can't be taught to the students. But, it is something that can be motivated to reach the next levels.

During the school days, students are curious about various things and ask a different types of questions. But, if someone scolds them instead of appreciating their efforts or motivating them, then they don't feel like moving forward in that direction.

So, students' imagination and curiosity must be untamed. If the students keep on working with their curiosity and imagination then who knows what great invention or discovery they can bring in the future.

Therefore, it’s the time to help them bloom and prosper so they can become future-ready.


Final Thoughts

Every student has a different dream or a passion to follow and the skill set that they require to excel in their career will vary.

But, the above-mentioned skills are the ones that remain constant no matter in which field they go. So, it is very important that if students want to excel in the future then they should start developing these skills in their early years.

In the meantime, these skills seem to be quite over-rated. But, as time passes by students will realize the importance of these skills in their life.

So, it’s better to start with honing these skills by today rather than waiting for tomorrow!


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