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  • April 06, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Whatever you do, you always try to give your best!!


But, have you ever felt that you are not doing things as per your entire potential?


If you are a student then you must have encountered such a scenario in one way or other in your life.


You just gave the test and you are still wondering if I could have done better or If I could have done x things in y ways then the results would have been different.


The major reason that you are not able to use your maximum potential is due to your lack of concentration, lack of inclusivity, or various other factors.


But, this is the problem!! How to reach out to the solution and work on these areas?


Well, there are many ways that you can imbibe in your life to become a better student. Among all the ways, we’ll discuss 7 of the most phenomenal and easy ways that you can apply.


To get acquainted with these ways, keep on reading till the end and you will be filled with a different level of energy by the end of this blog.



Ways to become a better student


These ways are not the only ways that will help you become a better student. But, these are some of the easiest and the most innovative ways to use.


Don’t think that these ways will help you become a better student only but these ways will help you in the long run to become a better individual.


Let’s have a look at some of these ways!



1. Create a meticulous schedule


Having a proper study schedule will help you achieve your goals in a well-designated manner.


If you don’t make a schedule to follow, you won’t land anywhere. Divide your time properly for every subject and take proper breaks in between the study sessions.


This will not only make your brain function properly but also gives you ample time to rejuvenate.


For example, your board exams are approaching and you want to prepare for them in an exceptionally well manner. For the first few days, you just go by anything that comes your way.


But, this is not giving you any sort of satisfaction because it’s not showing any results. And, then you make a timetable and follow it religiously for a few days.


You start getting positive vibes around you. This will ultimately help you become a better student and achieve great success in life. So, why not give it a shot and see it for yourself?



2. Set goals


If you are blindly going anywhere then it won’t help you in the long run. To become a better student and successful in your life, you need to have some well-defined short-term as well as long-term goals.


For example, getting a 90+ percentage is a long-term goal on your list. Whereas, completing one chapter of Science by the coming weekend is a short-term goal.


Like this, you can have your own set of long-term as well as short-term goals that keep you reminding where you want to land and how you want to land.


This will primarily help you become a better student because you are focusing on yourself.



3. Attend classes


Most of the students believe that attending regular classes is of no use as they can easily get ahead in their studies with their preparation.


But, mind it!! It is a very wrong perception if you are holding it in your mind.


If you attend classes regularly then you will get the opportunity to learn several other things except for your studies. It will help you become a better person and a better student in the long run.


Teachers have a pool of expertise and experience. If you attend the classes, you get an opportunity to interact with them and learn a lot from them that no other book can ever teach you.


So, never underestimate the power of attending regular classes.



4. Imbibe healthy study habits


While studying don't pressurize yourself with excessive thoughts.


It is seen that most of the students sit for long hours studying without taking any breaks or doing any recreational activity.


These sort of students start losing interest and gets demotivated when they don’t take any breaks.


You must manage your time between study and health. If you can maintain that rapport then you will get on the track to becoming a better student.


If your health is not sound, then your study will also be compromised. So, always make it a habit to keep both of them in proper sync.



5. Take proper notes


The difference between a good and a better student is made based on their efforts while learning something new.


For example, you are reading a History chapter for the very first time. Then instead of just simply reading the chapter make proper notes of the chapter in your handwriting.


This will not only help you to understand the concepts in a better fashion but will also assist you in the time of last-minute revision.


You don't have much time during exam time to start everything from the scratch. This is when these notes will come as a blessing in disguise for your needs.



6. Participate enthusiastically in the class


Most of the students feel shy while participating in the class. The major reason behind their hesitation is the fear of speaking something wrong and others laughing.


But, if you want to be a better student then you need to put your thoughts into the classroom activities. No matter whether you are wrong or right. Your teacher will assist you.


You will only succeed if you rise above all these thoughts in your head. Instead of focusing on what others will say about you, focus on what you will gain after giving your thought in class.


This will boost your morale and confidence tenfold.



7. Collab with others


If you want to be successful in your life then don’t think that moving on alone will help you in the long run.


Being in school, you don’t understand the importance of teamwork. But, if start learning this at an earlier stage then it will help you make successful.


For example, if you are facing any problem in solving the question of quadratic equations. Even after trying a lot, you are not able to get the solution.


Then don't hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to some of your friends and ask for their help if they could assist you with the problem. This will enhance your personality and help you become a better student.



Final Thoughts


To become a better student, you can follow the above tips to excel.


These are some of the most innovative tips that you can easily implement in your routine and make the most out of it.


Don't pressurize yourself and just keep on working for betterment. This will ultimately help you achieve various strides in life.


Do write us in the comment section about your views on the same!







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