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  • March 31, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Exams create a lot of panic among the students.


If you are currently in this phase of your life, then you can relate to the situation.


As soon as the day of the exam arrives, you start feeling anxious and the pressure on your head goes to the next level.


But, have you witnessed the chaos in your head just the night before the exam?


Well, it’s just another level of pressure that you encounter. Right?


Success in your exam depends upon how you handle this pressure just the night before the exam.


This is where the difference between the best and better is created!


If you are also struggling with the same dilemma, then this blog is just the right place for you.


Keep on reading this blog till the end and you will come across some of the most amazing hacks that will just act as a magic wand for your exams.


So, let’s deep dive into it and have a closer look at these tricks.



Why do you feel anxious the night before the exam?


Before diving into things that you should do a night before the exam, it is very important to understand why you feel more anxious before the exam.


One of the major reasons for your stress is a lack of confidence in your preparation. You start thinking that whether you are well prepared for the exam or not or have you covered all the important areas.


This lack of confidence gives rise to the stress that doesn't let you sleep at night. And, ultimately, affects you on the day of the exam.


In addition to that, you start getting negative thoughts like whether you will be able to finish your exam in time or not. What if your all efforts will go in vain?


These are some of the most common reasons that you might have felt a night before the D-day.


It is very important that you stay calm and motivated during your examination phase. Otherwise, it will hamper your entire preparation.



7 things you should do the night before the exam


If you follow these 7 go-to tricks a night before the exam, then I assure you that you will feel motivated and enthusiastic for the exam.


Let’s have a look at these tips!


1. Take a balanced diet


A balanced diet plays a crucial role in deciding your concentration levels on the day of the exam.


If you eat too much on the night before the exam then your brain will go into a lethargic phase and you won't be able to focus on the day of the exam.


You must take a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and sugar in your diet.


This balanced diet will not only make you feel energetic but will also help you stay calm on the day of the exam.


So, always make it a rule of thumb to take a proportionate amount of nutrients in your diet.




2. Double check your syllabus


No doubt, it is not advisable to start some new topic from the scratch just a night before the exam.


But, it is important that you doubly check your syllabus and see whether you have prepared every single topic for the exam or not.


If there is any topic that you have left by mistake or you haven’t prepared then don’t start it over.


Just make sure that you have a stronger grip on other topics that you have prepared.


It is always a best practice to go through the syllabus from the start of the session and cross-check every single topic that you are preparing for the exam.


It will nullify the chances of any last-minute panic before the day of the exam.



3. Don’t revise till the brink


The revision will help you to a great extent just a day before the exam.


But, always remember that excess of anything is harmful.


So, revise only till you feel the need for it. If you keep on revising above your mind's capacity then you will be so full that you will create a mess on the exam.


Just relax for some time and allow the things revised to settle in your mind.


Don't think about the exam anymore because you have already done what was in your capacity for the preparation of the exam.


You should reward yourself with small treats to feel accomplished and motivated for the exam.


For example, you can take a walk or watch something interesting to chill out and calm yourself. This will help you prepare your mind for the day of the exam.



4. Set proper alarms


One of the scariest things that you can ever imagine a night before the exam is that you could miss the exam.


These types of thoughts will only come to your mind if you overthink about the exam and start feeling under-confident.


To stay calm and prepared for the next day, make sure that you set multiple alarms to wake up on time.


If you don’t set up multiple alarms then you might end up snoozing the single alarm multiple times. And ultimately, you can strike a phase where you even forget to snooze the alarm.


Therefore, it is always a good practice to set up multiple alarms a night before the exam.


Once you set the alarm, you even get a feeling of security that you won't miss your exam. This will help you get the required sound and calm sleep at the night.



5. Get enough sleep


Taking proper sleep a night before the exam is very crucial in deciding how you will perform on the day of the exam.


If you don’t take proper sleep then you will wake up exhausted in the morning. Ultimately, you won’t be able to concentrate on the question paper in the exam.


On the other hand, if you take proper sleep of 7-8 hours then you will wake up fresh in the morning.


Proper sleep will also allow you to retain the learned topics in your mind.


With the proper sleep, you will be easily able to recapitulate the things in the exam if you are stuck anywhere.


It will give you the required energy levels that you won’t get otherwise for the exam.



6. Don't study till late at night


Remember that you have already prepared enough that you could for the exam.


There is no use in staying up late at night and then studying. Because you won't be able to retain the concepts in the mind if you study till late.


If you wake up late at night, then the pressure will start building on your mind and you will not be able to give your best on the day of the exam.


In addition to that, it will make you feel more anxious if you stay up till late at night. Your mind will start cooking negative thoughts in the head for the exam.


Always set a cut-off time for yourself till when you can study.


This will make you feel rejuvenated and confident enough to face the exam with everything in your head.


The worst part of staying up at late night is you will start forgetting the things that you have already prepared for the exam.


So, instead of doing any good, it will only hamper your preparation.



7. Have a normal night


If you start behaving differently a day before the exam then it can hamper your exam.


Don’t think much about the exam and stress yourself.


You have done your part, and now, it’s time to just use your knowledge on the day of the exam.


Revise to a certain extent and take a balanced diet. Except for revision, there should not be anything extra-ordinary that you should include in your routine one night before the exam.


Keep your stationary in your place and spend quality time with your family.


This will give you an indispensable amount of motivation for the exam.


Stay calm, focus, and take a deep breath!


This will do wonders for you just a night before the exam.





By now, you must have got an idea about the important tricks that you can use just a night before the exam.


These tips will become very handy to help you score well in your exams.


You just need to focus on your preparation and follow the above tips to witness an amazing experience for the exam.


Taking the stress and being anxious won't land you anywhere.


You just need to have faith in your preparation and everything else will fall in place.


Try out these hacks a night before the exam and do write us in the comment section what you feel about it!






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