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  • December 14, 2021
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Exams give anxiety to most of the students.


For some students, anxiety act as a catalyst to enhance their performance while for others it acts as a hindrance during exam times.


The signs of anxiety vary from mild to severe among the students. Some students feel sweating, mouth-drying, fainting, nausea, and shaking.


All these are the signs of anxiety during exam time.


But the question here arises how to overcome this anxiety?


To shoo away this anxiety for you, let’s discuss some of the ways further that will help you overcome anxiety.


# Stop getting in the trap of perfectionism


# Get an adequate amount of sleep


# Keep yourself prepared


And so on.


So, let’s have a look at these ways to overcome anxiety during exam time.



1. Stop Getting in the Trap of Perfectionism


When you start thinking that you need to be perfect then this anxiety starts taking a toll on you during exam time.


Always talk to yourself and keep on reminding that it’s perfectly alright to do mistakes.



No one is perfect and don’t be so hard on yourself.



2. Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep



Studies have revealed that if you don’t get proper sleep one night before the exam then there is a high probability that you will feel anxious.


To avoid this possibility, make sure that you take an adequate amount of sleep.


This will not only help to overcome anxiety but will also help to increase your concentration and memory during exam time.



3. Keep Yourself Prepared


If you are not prepared for the exam then it is for sure that you will feel anxiety during your exam.


Make sure that you are done with your preparation well in advance before the exam.


If you are going to leave everything for the last moment then there are high chances that you will feel anxious.


Even while preparing if you want any support then you can take help from OSWAAL QUESTION BANK.


This will help you feel more confident and prepared for the exams.



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4. Have a Positive Mental Approach


No one can ever motivate you the way you can do yourself.


To overcome the exam anxiety, keep on motivating yourself with morale-boosting mantras.


Keep on reminding yourself, “I have prepared well for this day”.


This will give you the motivation and a sense of confidence to attempt the exam without any difficulty.



5. Pay Attention to Yourself


While attempting your exam, make sure that you don’t pay attention to others.


You start feeling anxious when you see you are thinking about something and others are just scribbling on the sheet.


This will put you in wonder that you are lacking something but others are doing well. So, ultimately you will start feeling anxious.


To overcome such a scenario, make sure that you don’t pay attention to anyone while attempting your exam and only focus on yourself.



Final Thoughts


Getting over the exam anxiety is not that difficult as it seems in the first place.


Even if you follow the above-mentioned ways then there are high chances that you can overcome the anxiety and will feel more confident.


You just need to have faith in your preparation and stay self-motivated.


Take help of sample papers as they’ll surely help you to excel in your exams.


So, just stay calm and relaxed and give your best shot.



All the Best!!



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