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  • February 25, 2022
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You learn a lot of things throughout your life. And among those learned things how many do you remember in long run?


Is there a 100% success rate?


Your answer will be a big NO!!


During the exams, you must have encountered this same problem for ‘n’ number of times. But, is there any solution to this problem?


Yes, you can easily memorize the things learned with a memory booster technique known as Leitner System.


Now, a bundle of questions must have hit your mind like “What is this technique?” “How to use it?” “Is it even efficient?”


These are the general questions that can strike anyone who has heard about this technique for the very first time.


Keep on reading this blog till the end and you will get an answer to all your questions.


Let me give you a certain hint about this technique!!


You must have heard a lot about the flashcards while you are preparing for any of your exams. Right?


These flashcards have a prominent role to play in the Leitner System.


Let's gradually move towards it and see what it has in store for you!!



Tips for making flashcards


Most of us have already heard about flashcards.


But, to have an even simpler explanation for the flashcards, we can consider them as small cardboard pieces that have information written on them.


One side of the card comprises the question and the other side comprise the answer.


You can make these flashcards easily at your place in a hassle-free manner.


These flashcards are not meant to contain every single piece of information about the content. But, there are some valuable tips that you should adhere to, to make effective flashcards.


  • Make sure to use cardboard instead of paper to make the flashcards.


  • Don’t put every bit of information on the flashcard. Make it as short as possible and don't write the entire sentence of the question on the flashcard.


  • Write in readable handwriting so you can easily use them afterward.


  • Try using different colors cards to distinguish one topic from another easily.



What is Leitner System?


Leitner System was proposed by Sebastian Leitner in 1972. This system was devised to help students improve their learning and memorization capabilities.


This system uses the concept of the flashcard, card boxes, and spaced repetition technique to enhance your memory in long run.


It primarily focuses on prioritizing the concepts that require more reviewing than other topics. The main driving force behind using this technique is spaced repetition.


This implies that you review every topic after a stipulated amount of time.


Leitner system is considered as a heuristic method for revision but it is one of the most efficient and reliable methods that can help you in the long run.


But, still, now you are unable to comprehend how this technique works. Right?


Read through the below sections to have a crystal clear idea about this system so you can use it to its maximum potential.  



Benefits of Leitner System


You must be wondering if this technique also uses the spaced repetition principle then why not directly use the spaced repetition technique for memorization rather than opting for this one.


Both the techniques have their own set of advantages and they have some uniqueness to offer you.


To have a better understanding of the Leitner system, you must be well acquainted with what it is primarily used for and how it can help you.


So, let's have a look at some of its benefits to have a better analysis of it.


  • Leitner's system deals with the active recall of concepts. This recall helps to easily sustain the concepts in the long term memory.


  • This system is designed to improve the memorization process.


  • It facilitates the process of spaced repetition and makes it easier to retain information rather than cramming it in a single go.


  • It is one of the best techniques for revision in exams. You come to know about your weak and strong areas with the assistance of this method.


  • It is an efficient technique that doesn’t require much time from your end. It is the best technique to use for the theoretical subjects.


These are some of the key benefits that Leitner System has in-store you.



How to use Leitner System?


Now, the ground is set and you must be curious to know how this technique work so you can use it in your study routine regime.


To start using this system, take a set of flashcards designed for different concepts and topics. In addition to that, take 3 or 5 boxes to start using this technique.


The basic principle in this technique is as follows:


1 - All the flashcards are first placed in Box 1. As soon as you get the correct answer to the flashcard placed in Box 1, you will move it to Box 2 to recall it less frequently.


2- Similarly, when it's the day to recall flashcards from Box 2. If you can recall it then move it to Box 3. Otherwise, move it to Box 1.


3- You can use this approach with 3 boxes or 5 boxes. And collectively, it will make a Leitner System.


4- Let's understand this system with the help of an example, so you can precisely know how to implement it in your study.


For example, you have a flashcard that questions about Pythagoras formula and you have the formula written on the backside of the card. With this flashcard, you even have flashcards of other subjects as well.


Now you have three boxes:


Box 1: You will recall every day


Box 2: You will recall after every 2 days


Box 3: You will recall after every 3 days


Now it's time to start with the day-wise recalling process.


Day 1: Put all the cards collectively in Box 1. Take out each card and try to answer that. For example, you took out the card with the Pythagoras theorem.


If you get the correct answer to that card then move it forward to Box 2, otherwise keep it in Box 1 only.


Day 2: On day 2, you should again review the cards present in Box 1. If you get any new correct answers from that box, then move them forward to Box 2 otherwise keep them in Box 1.


Day 3: First review Box 1. Today, it's time to review Box 2 as well. Box 2 has all those cards that you were unable to get an answer to at the first instance.


Now, take out a flashcard from Box 2. If you get the correct answer for the picked card then, move it to Box 3 else, move it to Box 1.


Day 4: Firstly, review Box 1 and move the cards to Box 2 if you get any new correct card. Today, you have to review your Box 3. Pick up a card from Box 3 and try to answer it.


If you get the answer right, then you can move that card out of the box and you need not study that topic again.


But, if you get the answer wrong then, that card will be shifted to Box 1 and you need to review it again from that stage.


Day 5: Review Box 1 and Box 2 and repeat the strategy used in moving the flashcards from one box to another.


Day 6: Review Box 1 and see what is still left that you are not able to revise properly. Incline yourself in grasping that concept thoroughly.


Day 7: Review all the boxes and recognize which topics are crystal clear to you. Put all those flashcards out of Box 3 that are crystal clear and don't require further reviewing.


Day 8: After doing this activity for 7 consecutive days, you can repeat your work starting from days 2-7.


Once, all the flashcards are out of Box 1, you can have a clear idea that you have revised all concepts with great clarity.


This technique is only fruitful if you practice this at least 2 weeks before the exam and not just a day before the exam. Because you can see it is a gradual process and it can't be achieved in a single day.





By now, you must have a clear idea about the Leitner System and you must be excited to implement this with your study routine.


This is a very efficient learning technique that will help you achieve great results in your life. Moreover, the concepts will stay for a longer duration with you.


So, without wasting much of your time just give a shot to this strategy and see the phenomenal results.


All the Best!

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