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  • August 12, 2022
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Are you the one who finds a lot of trouble in concentration while studying?

Or, are you the one who even tries but not able to achieve results?

If you face such difficulty while studying then a minute read wouldn't harm!

You must have heard about the Pomodoro Technique of studying.

If not, then let's discuss! 


What is Pomodoro Technique for studying?

In this technique, you need to decide upon a designated and intense time for the session in which you will study.

Once you have decided upon the time for the session, you can take up a short break of 5 minutes, say if you have decided on a time slot of 25-30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you have done the studying session for approximately 50 minutes then you can even go for a longer break.

This studying technique is proven to show remarkable results and help you achieve your goal more efficiently.

But results can only be seen if you provide your full dedication and concentration to the work you are doing.


What are the steps?

You must be wondering how I can implement this Pomodoro technique?

Will it be so hard to implement and achieve the goal? No!!

There are a certain set of steps that you can employ to use this Pomodoro technique for studying to achieve wonders in your studying journey.

Let’s have a look!


1. Opt for a single-task work session  

You can choose the intense session for a short or long duration as per your needs.

Besides that, you can even go for a longer session of 50 minutes as well as per your needs.


2. To see the effectiveness of the method 

You need to give 100% attention to the task while keeping the tab of the ticking time.


3. Once the time for the session is done 

Take a short break of 5 minutes if you have opted for a moderate work session.

While on the other hand, you can increase your break time if you have selected the longer work session.


4. Once you have done your task 

Then you can use these same steps to do some other tasks as well.

Each block of this work that you designate to complete at a specific time is called Pomodoro. If you devote undisturbed time while studying using this technique then you will witness impeccable results. 


How to use Pomodoro Technique for Studying?

 Some of the important considerations while using the Pomodoro Technique are:


1. Longevity of the session

You need to decide the longevity of the session as per your sitting caliber. You can’t say you have the potential to sit for 50 minutes just by seeing someone else, if you know it you can sit attentively for 25 minutes.

So, make sure you decide upon the time of the session that suits you best.


2. Effective and frequent breaks

Breaks matter a lot after an undisturbed session for a specific time. It is not mentioned anywhere that you need to sit idle for that break period.

You can watch TV, have a brisk walk, or have some snacks in your break time.

If you have accomplished 3-4 Pomodoros for a break then you deserve a longer break of approximately 20-30 minutes.


3. Required number of Pomodoros

If you have the stipulated time and energy to remain focused and determined for the day then you can decide on 3-4 sets of Pomodoros in a day.

But it wholly depends upon the time that you want to invest.


4. Type of timer

You can use any sort of electronic app to keep a tab of the time you have decided to work in the session.

Don’t use a phone with distractions. Even if you want to use the phone then use Do not Disturb Mode or Flight Mode to stay away from distractions.


5. Extension of Time

Extending the time of the session is a big “No” if you are using the Pomodoro Technique.

You need to complete your work in that time only and if you extend your time then you are only betraying yourself.


Final Thoughts

Pomodoro Technique for studying is one of the most impeccable techniques that you can employ in your routine.

If you imbibe this technique in your life then you can see the effective transformation in your life.

No doubt, it is very hard to concentrate in the initial days when you start with the technique. But, with time, you will enjoy this routine and will achieve your goal precisely.


All the Best!

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