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  • February 02, 2022
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Student life is not at all easy! It is filled with so many challenges and hurdles to cross.


If you are a student then you must have noticed one thing. You fall asleep in the classroom, maybe sometimes or maybe every time. Right?


And you even get scolded by your teachers for the same. Isn't it?


If you are a teacher then you must have witnessed such scenarios in your classroom. You must be wondering what’s the reason behind it?


If the students are not attentive in the class then there is no scope that they can learn holistically.


But, the question remains the same. Where is the problem?


Why do students feel sleepy in the classroom? Is there any way to keep them awake?


You will get answers to all your questions by reading further. Even if you are a student who is extremely struggling with this problem then you will find your antidote by reading below.



The reason behind feeling sleepy in class


Various studies have revealed that students can have attention for approximately 10 minutes in the classroom. After this cycle of 10 minutes, students start losing interest in the topic.


Teachers need to regain their interest by introducing something new after every 10 minutes.


If the interest of students is not replenished in the topic, then they will start feeling bored. And ultimately, they will fall asleep.


Teachers should communicate with students or engage them in various other activities to keep them engaged in the classroom.


In addition to that, there are various other contributing factors due to which students feel sleepy in the classroom.


Some of the key contributors are discussed below:


1. The class is not very interactive


One of the major reasons why you fall asleep is that class is not at all interactive. Teachers use the old traditional methods that don’t bind your interest for a long time.



2. If the class is happening after lunch


After consuming the lunch, the human body starts releasing the energy and it starts feeling sleepy. No matter how hard you try but you will be unable to combat the feeling of sleep that is taking a toll.

So, if the class is happening directly after lunch then there is a high probability that students will fall asleep.



3. If there is a rule for compulsory attendance


There might be chances that you have slept late or you were out somewhere on the last night. Due to this, your sleep cycles get disturbed.


And in this condition, if you go to the classroom just for the sake of compulsory attendance then you will fall asleep.


You must understand these reasons closely before jumping to a conclusion that why you fall asleep in the classroom.



How to stay awake in the classroom?


By now, you must have a clear idea about the driving reason behind your sleep in the classroom. But, merely knowing the reason is not going to land you anywhere.


You have a problem statement and if you don't get this problem statement resolved then there is no fun in discussing it.


Now, what's the answer?



You need something that can reverse the effect of sleep hovering over you.


There are some effective ways that you can employ to stay attentive in the classroom. So, without having any further delays, let’s ponder over these ways.



1. Get up from your place and move


When you start feeling sleepy then one of the best ways to overcome this feeling is to get up from your seat and move a bit. This may seem unrealistic for the class.


If you get a break for at least 5 minutes in between the lecture then you can do some chair stretching like shoulder rolls, seated twists, etc.


This will make you feel rejuvenated and lively. Moreover, you will stay more concentrated on what’s going on in the class.


This European study method is getting popularity among international students! Read to know about the mysterious pomodoro technique!



2. Drink plenty of water


If you drink plenty of water then you can easily shoo away the sleepiness in the classroom. With the proper hydration, blood circulation in the blood is optimum.


This will also deliver the required nutrients and oxygen to the brain so that brain doesn’t get the feeling of fatigue. Moreover, you can concentrate in a better fashion with proper hydration.


Whenever you start feeling sleepy in the classroom, take out your water bottle and have proper water to get active.



3. Stay engaged


One of the crucial reasons that you start feeling bored in the class is that you don’t get much involvement.


When you don’t participate in the class then you start feeling tired and sleepy.


Keep on taking good notes and participate in class discussions. Also, ask something if it is not clear to you. This can be only achieved if you remain focused during the lecture.


Be that student, who has a curiosity to ask questions and get your doubts cleared.


This will also keep the sleep to stay at a bay from you.



4. Have a proper sleep cycle


Having a proper sleep cycle can do wonders for you in the daytime. If you are in the habit of sleeping late at night then there is a high probability that you will feel sleepy during the day hours.


Make it a habit to sleep at the proper time in the night and wake up at the same time every day. When you keep following the same time regularly, then you are also training your body to adhere to that sleep cycle.


Try to have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours to feel refreshing in the daytime. If you take less amount of sleep then this sleep will overpower you for the entire day.



5. Get sunlight


Getting proper sunlight in the morning will prepare you for the entire day. You must be thinking, what unrealistic things I am telling you. Isn’t it?


But, it is not so!!


There is a scientific reason behind having morning sunlight. This helps to wake up your mind and prepare it internally that you have to stay active for the entire day.


You must be thinking as soon as I get up from the bed how can I even go to take the sunlight by rubbing my eyes? It’s not the case!!


You need not rush from your bed to directly take the sunlight but you have to prepare yourself gradually to do so. Apart from that, you can even take a morning walk.


This will help you wake up faster and set your internal clock to stay productive throughout the day.



6. Change seats


Seating arrangement also has a crucial role to play in your effectiveness throughout the day.


If you always sit on the last bench or hide after some of the tall pupils then you need to change your seating pattern.


Try switching to sit in the first rows or the first desk. This is the closest to the teacher and you will have a fear in your mind that you can’t sleep.


This will keep you more alert and attentive throughout the lecture.



7. Just relax


No one can understand you better than you. 


Take out some time for yourself and relax.


Try taking some relaxing meditation sessions. This will help you attain inner peace and solitude in your life.


Even if you are depressed about your previous grades then also there are likely chances that you will feel stressed and sleepy in class.


Always keep one mantra in your mind “Focus on the present, forget the past.”


This is a life-saving mantra that can take you to the ladders of success.



Final Thoughts


Feeling sleepy in the class is one of the most common problems that is faced by one student or the other.


Even if you are unable to deal with this problem then tell your parents or teachers. They will surely understand you and help you overcome the issues you are facing.


So, never hesitate to speak out and make learning a fun experience!!



If you liked this blog, kindly share it among your friends to help them too. 


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All the Best!


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