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Class 12 Business Studies Preparation Mantra to Score 100/100 in CBSE Board Exam

Class 12 Business Studies Preparation Mantra to Score 100/100 in CBSE Board Exam

  • October 11, 2022
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For class 12 business studies board exam, it’s a tedious task to memorise all the Importance, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages and so forth.

No doubt that continuous revision and practice with sample question papers will help you succeed in mastering the class 12 business studies.


To each student, exam preparation works in their own way of learning.

You’re a visual learner if catchy diagrams and visuals help you learn better. And if you are indeed a visual learner, then you need to grab the best reference books with Mind Maps and prepare a flowchart where you can write down all the sub-headings and other details with tiny diagrams which are in accordance with the subject to help you succeed in Class 12 business studies board exam.

You can also use highlighters to remember the important key points.

If you remember better by listening to things, then you are an auditory learner. You just need to open the voice recorder app and read out loud the sub-headings of the Class 12 business studies. And for the revision, all you need is to plug in your earphones and hit the track of your chapter.


  • Properly understand the definitions along with the meaning.
  • Understand the logic and reasoning behind the topic.
  • To get the highest marks, memorize the definitions, so that you can write them in Class 12 business studies board exam.
  • Focus on the Features, advantages and disadvantages of different topics and chapters as these questions are asked frequently.
  • Practicing by writing them along with understanding and memorizing is also important.



  • Don’t mug up the format of capital structure. Try to understand how that statement/format (with the help of formulas) is derived and the purpose behind its making.
  • You will not be able to solve questions properly unless you have full understanding of the basis of the formulas/ format/ statement.
  • Practice by writing and solving questions instead of memorising.



  • There are multiple points to remember, so it is wise to think of a few mnemonics / acronyms.



  • Keep an eye on the clock while you start solving past years’ papers so that you get exam type practice at home.
  • This will help you finish your Class 12 business studies board exam in the given time and the paper will not look lengthy.
  • Make sure you make proper formats to differentiate between questions, Diagrams (wherever required), Also, underline all the main points after an explanation or a chapter is completed.
  • You will get a lot of confidence through this as you will be able to practice according to the latest exam pattern of questions, typology, and methodology of how examiners set the real board exam question papers and what type of questions you might encounter.



  • Sample papers are of great use to judge your practice and give your exam insight.
  • Do not forget to solve Oswaal business studies Sample papers for Class 12 business studies board exam.


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