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  • February 26, 2022
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Whether we talk about the archaic sailors, who steered through the storms for finding inhabiting land to tech-savvy building their online empire, destiny rewards those who deal with the unknown.


Why would life reward those who get uncomfortable? Because they dare to step out of their comfort zone. 


But before moving forward let’s understand what comfort zone is? It’s defined by Judith Bardwick as an “anxiety-free state in which a person lives and works to give basal level outcome”.


But if it is something that delivers us the result without going to an extent that will cause discomfort, why do we have to abandon it?


As Tony Robbins said, “All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone”. A miracle happens when your comfort zone gets uncomfortable.



1. Growth mindset and fixed mindset


Fixed mindset will keep you tangled in the fear of loss while a growth mindset always pushes to expand your horizons and teaches you to take risks.


Abandoning your comfort zones goes viz-a-viz with the growth mindset development.



2. Resilience 


Life isn’t always the same as we think; it may get drifted from what you imagined.


The ability to deal with change and hardships comes only when you can come out of your comfort zone. Handling ambiguity with poise leads to resilience.



3. Diminished growth


If one is persistent in living in their comfort zones then one can’t outgrow that and will never be able to delve into what they can accomplish.



4. Finding passion


 If one keeps lurking in the shadows of the comfort zone, can never find what they can achieve. To unfold your true passion you must instill a sense of vigor.



A Comfort zone is something that won’t allow someone to use their full potential.


Remember the time when a student has to choose between maths and biology or between Hindi and computer?


A large proportion of students go with biology and Hindi or with the easiest choice just because they’re afraid to step out of their comfort zone. 


Isn’t it terrifying to think and attempt something that hasn’t been done before? 


Teachers can help embrace this change for good and can help students go out of their comfort zones by motivating them as it acts as a centerpiece in coming out of the comfort zone. 


Motivation can be destination-oriented that can direct students in a particular direction or it can also be conceived as inner hope to fathom anything new. 



Tips to motivate students:


1. Feedback: 

Give them constructive feedback. Instead of correcting them every time try giving them some points to work upon. From evaluating themselves to peer feedback and sharing something they have accomplished would help motivate them.


2. Ditch the conventional methods 

Engage with students using technologies like, videos, podcasts, and gadgets. Instead of letting them cram the theory go for a live demonstration. Instead of teaching students with books use research papers that have published real-time results.


3. Know how to address your audience

Teachers should try and console the students. Teachers can always praise and console-like: you did well, you can always do better, and you’re going good.


4. Try shuffling layouts

Group projects, or working in pairs have proven to be fruitful. All students have their aura, recognize those, and deal accordingly.


For example, introverts don’t like to be engaged in group activities, kinesthetics doesn’t want to be limited to the classrooms. Give students time and opportunity to choose their work partners as it could impact immensely.


5. Remove negativity 

Encourage students to not use “I can’t and I don’t know”. Make them try “I am still figuring it out”, “I have some queries for the time being”. 


6. Keep yourself motivated 

Being a teacher you’re never off the radar. An empty vessel can’t fill others. To motivate students a teacher should always be well-versed with challenges that might come their way, new technologies, do your research.

7. Be stirring 


I am sure every single one of you still recalls some of their teacher who has imprinted them. They may have left mark on you, in a way they presented themselves; they encouraged you to be a better version of yourself and believed in you.


Be like those teachers who you see as your role model. Be successful, because the majority of students often connect and remember their teachers because they are successful. 



The zest to learn something new is influenced by inherent and extraneous components. For instance, some students are naturally inclined towards learning new things because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.


Contrastingly, some students learn new things because of the baits and perks that come with it. It’s on teachers to create an ambiance that will help students to flourish and thrive. Teachers can be the torchbearers of how to step out of your comfort zones.



There are certain techniques through which teachers can help students in overcoming their fear of stepping out of their comfort zone:



1. Defining their aims

To feat something big student has to set and manage goals and aims. The teacher must make students follow that path and purpose. A clear path to aim may prompt them to step out of their comfort zone.


2. Healthy Competition

In the field of education healthy competition among students may help them do wonders. Teachers must steer clear towards healthy competition as it may culminate in rivalry and criticism.

3. Befitting ambiance 

Ambience in which student learns, mold their learning and upcoming journeys. Amenities, fondness, cooperation students get from their teacher motivate them to work better.

4. Focusing on the needs of students

The student has to be treated in a way that benefits them. The pedagogical designs should be crafted in a way that suits best according to each student's needs.

5. Efficacious study aid

Always try to employ new and interesting methods to teach students. The conventional methods are monotonous and develop the need to devise and inculcate effective teaching.


6. Getting to know the results 

The understanding of the result has been demonstrated to be a powerful motivator in learning and an exceedingly suitable technique of motivation.

It provides the learner with adequate feedback. As a result, teachers should implement provisions for keeping students posted about their progress.


7. Extolment 

Praise is an effective inspiration. Honest praise will help students bloom. When used in a correct way praise may improve student’s attitude and help foster a sense of accomplishment.


In nutshell, we can say that students’ learning has a lot to do with motivation. Although students have this innate capability to learn new things, a teacher’s role is an extrinsic factor that can get students out of their comfort zones.


Teachers that are enthusiastic and willing to mould their methods to motivate students are a blessing in disguise. How much a teacher is compliant to help their student can be seen in terms of supporting students, competence, and relevance.


The biggest gist of this is, to make your students come out of their comfort zone even if it means making them vulnerable, as there is no alternative to growth.


It may be comfortable and cozy but great things come out when you step out of your comfort zone because life is all about challenges. 


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All the Best!


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