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CAT Books 2023

CAT Books 2023
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CAT Exam Books


CAT stands for Common Admission Test. Every year lakhs of students appear in this exam to get admission to IIMs and top B-Schools in India. CAT is one of the toughest and most famous exams in India. Every year one of the IIMs conducts this exam, and this is a computer-based exam. Every candidate who applies for the CAT exam wants to clear it with a high percentile and secure their place in one of their dream colleges. To score high percentile, every candidate needs very good preparation, and for good preparation, they need the Best CAT Books for 2023 Exam Preparation. Most of the CAT candidates’ study from the Best CAT Preparation Books for 2023 Exam which are provided by the institutes in which they are taking classes for exam preparations, but still, a majority of students look for other study materials to acquire extra knowledge and get ahead of others which is a perfectly good step and also there are lots of CAT candidates who are preparing on their own for CAT exam.

For the candidates of this exam, Best CAT Preparation Books for 2023 Exam are the best study material for preparations. Solved papers and mock test sample papers also play a vital role in the preparations for CAT exam. With the help of these, candidates can analyze their own preparation, find weaknesses, become familiar with the pattern, develop tricks and strategies and many more.


Benefits of Best CAT Books for 2023 Exam Preparation


Understand exam pattern


Sample papers are designed very similarly to actual exam papers. With the help of sample papers, candidates get a similar picture of CAT exam paper. Through this, candidates get to know, which types of questions usually appear in exams, from which topics most of the questions appear, question types, weightage of topics, marks distribution and many more. From time to time, the pattern of exams also changes, for that every candidate should use the latest edition of sample papers which is designed according to the latest guidelines.


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Improve accuracy and speed


Regular practice is crucial to improve speed and accuracy in competitive exams, and practising sample papers and Best CAT Books for 2023 Exam Preparation are one of the best methods to achieve both. If without any prior practice, any candidate directly appears in the exam, then it’s very difficult for them to complete the exam within a given period of time. When candidates do regular practice from sample papers, they can improve their speed on a regular basis and become quick for exams; only being quick in an exam is useless if the candidate is not accurate in answering questions. With the help of sample papers, candidates also learn to be accurate while maintaining speed in the exam.


Improves time-management


While solving sample papers and Best CAT Books for 2023 Exam Preparation on a regular basis, candidates develop a lot of strategies to manage their time in the most efficient manner while attempting exam. They make strategies like which section they will attempt first, which questions need more time, in which section they can save time and invest that time in other sections, and many candidates also create completely creative strategies which proven very useful for them in the actual exam and take them ahead from other candidates.


Helpful in self-analysis


Best CAT Preparation Books for 2023 Exam is one of the best methods to analyze self-preparation. By solving sample papers, candidates will find in which section and topics they are weak, how accurate they are, speed, and time management. After analyzing these all, they can work on the areas which need improvement.


Boost confidence


When candidates solve sample papers on a regular basis, they become familiar with the pattern of the actual exam. If candidates see the question paper for the first time in the exam, then it becomes more difficult for them to solve the paper. Regular practice of sample papers gives a lot of confidence to candidates. As more they solve sample papers and Best CAT Books for 2023 Exam Preparation, the more confident they become because on a regular basis, they are solving papers which are very similar to actual exam papers.


Better revision


At the end weeks of exam, revising the whole syllabus is not possible for every candidate for that candidates can use sample papers. In sample papers, the whole syllabus is covered in a very strategic manner; solving multiple sample papers nearly covers all the important topics and questions, through which candidates indirectly revise the whole syllabus while practising papers.


Important highlights


-       Usually, this exam contains 64-76 questions in it

-       Exam will be of 192 – 228 marks, and candidates are not allowed to switch the sections

-       Total sections in the exam are 3

-       The courses offered through this exam are MBA & PGDM

-       The language which is used in the exam is English

-       Exam frequency is one exam per year

-       This exam is a computer-based exam

-       The duration of the CAT exam is 2 hours

-       Registration fees - INR 2,300 for the General category & INR 1,150 for the Reserved category

-       Eligibility – Minimum 50% in graduation and 45% for SC/ST/PwD candidates

-       The question types in this exam are MCQs and Non-MCQ

-       Marking scheme is three marks for correct answers, one negative mark for incorrect answers and no marks for unattempt questions


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