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CBSE Class 1 Science Books | For Latest Exams

Ah, first grade! A whirlwind of new experiences, making friends, and of course, diving headfirst into the exciting world of science!  But where to begin? Picking the right Class 1 science book (CBSE) can feel like a daunting task.  Worry not, fellow parent (or curious kiddo!), we're here to help!

Think of a Class 1 science book (CBSE) as a magical key that unlocks the wonders around your child. It should be a treasure trove of fascinating facts, colorful illustrations, and engaging activities that make learning an absolute blast. After all, science is everywhere – from the way plants bend towards the sunshine to the fascinating creatures that creep and crawl in the garden. A good book ignites that curiosity, turning everyday experiences into mini-scientific adventures!

Here's what to keep in mind when choosing a Class 1 science book (CBSE):

Exciting content:  Never forget that you are dealing with a six year old. The book has to be age-appropriate, with themes that will ignite their imagination.  Think about themes such as our incredible bodies, the amazing plant and animal kingdoms, or fascinating weather phenomena.

Learning through play:  Kids learn best by doing so forget about boring lectures. Look for books that incorporate enjoyable activities which your child actively takes part in. Making a mini-volcano using baking soda and vinegar? Or perhaps dissecting an owl pellet (don’t worry; it’s been cleaned up!) to find out what food owls eat? These make science some alive and cement those new concepts learnt.

Visuals that awe! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to children. Be it vibrant illustrations, distinct diagrams or captivating photographs – these will hold your kid’s attention span while making scientific concepts easier for them to understand.

Simple yet stimulating language: Your kid should easily understand the text in the book with clear explanations given and vocabulary fit for six years olds but this does not mean things should be watered down! Try looking out for engaging language in a book like this one whose purpose is to keep them asking questions and being curious.

Interactive elements: Who wouldn’t love a fine quiz or puzzle? Quizzes, puzzles and experiments among other interactive elements keep your kid interested and build on what they have acquired knowledge wise.


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Ready to embark on this scientific adventure?

Remember all these tips so as to select the ideal Class 1 science book (CBSE) that can fire up learning spirit of your little scientist forever

Do you want help finding an outstanding science book for class 1?

Oswaal Books is here! Our latest CBSE class I science books have been designed keeping in mind all the above mentioned criteria. These books contain interesting content, interactive tasks as well as colourful images so as to make learning of science an enjoyable and memorable experience for children. So why wait? Just grab your copy today and together start this scientific journey!

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