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ISC Specimen Sample Paper Class 12 Physics 2022-23

ISC class 12 Physics is the scientific study of energy and matter and their internal interactions. The energy can be transferred to various forms such as motion, radiation, light, electricity, or even gravity. From sub-atomic particles including photons and bosons, physics encompasses sizes up to stars or entire galaxies. Although ISC Specimen Sample Paper for Class 12 Physics board exam is the best preparation tool for students, you can also take help of these following mentioned tips to ace the board exams.


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ISC Specimen Sample Paper Class 12
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Preparation Tips for ISC Physics Class 12th Board Exam 2023

Textbook is the most important book for the Physics class 12 board exam as all the topics for the exam are covered in the textbook. So never forget to go through the textbook.

S.I units of all physical entities are to be learned by heart.

Making a list of derivations, experiments, and formulae in your syllabus will also help.

Always practice with ISC Specimen Sample Paper Class 12 Physics. If you are not able to understand a certain concept, then practice more numerical problems from the textbook and the sample papers.

Try and comprehend the logic behind the derivations, while solving a derivation.

Start early for the preparations if you do not like the numerical part. Get familiar with the numerical part. Practice solving the numerical in the textbook and the sample paper for effective results.

Once you’re done with the syllabus, solve questions from ISC class 12 physics sample papers in a timed environment.

During the ISC board exam preparations, try writing your descriptive answers in points and provide answers with graphical illustrations wherever possible.  



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Here’s the subject-wise tips for ISC class 12 physics board exam


1. Electrostatics

It comprises of two chapters -

Electric charges and fields

The topics such as Coulomb’s law, Electric charges; conservation and quantisation of charge, superposition principle and continuous charge distribution, all these would take a long time to prepare so you need to begin with them from today.

Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Some ISC class physics chapters are quite easy to score and holds a lot of weightages such as Electric potential, electric potential due to a point charge, potential difference, equipotential surfaces, a dipole and system of charges, electrical potential energy of a system of two-point charges and of electric dipole in an electrostatic field.

Start your preparation with them and then rely on ISC physics sample papers to get mastery on them.

  1. Current Electricity

Under Second unit, there are lot of scoring chapters including Mobility, drift velocity and its relation with electric current; mechanism of flow of current in conductors; Ohm’s law and its proof, V-I characteristics; resistance and resistivity and their relation to drift velocity of electrons; electrical energy and power, electrical resistivity and conductivity along with Temperature dependence of resistance and resistivity.

You would also require previous year question papers for these chapters to get a better exam insight.

  1. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Two chapters are in it.

Moving Charges and Magnetism

The Concept of magnetic field, Oersted’s experiment, and Biot – Savart law and its application, both might appear difficult to comprehend at first, but students need to acquire class 12 sample papers to get a better understanding of them.

Magnetism and Matter

This includes the current loop as a magnetic dipole, magnetic field intensity due to a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) on the axial line and equatorial line, these all are very easy to understand so you can leave them for later stages of your preparations.

  1. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves

These two units comprise all the chapters that would only be solved once you have command over the NCERT textbook.

NCERT textbook may not appear enough for you, but you should always start with it and then align your preparation with question banks to get concept clarity.

 5. Optics & Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

These two units are massive and contain various principles and theorems so you would be needing ISC question banks to get your concepts clear at first and to also get an exam insight on how the examiner creates the question paper.

Once done with, start with ISC sample papers for class 12 physics board exam to get the maximum marks and boost your confidence as well.

6. Atoms and Nuclei & Electronic Devices

ISC sample papers are enough for these two units. Moreover, you will also get a glimpse of the types of questions that would appear in the exam. This will get you an idea about the areas where you are lacking. You will be working upon your strong and weak areas with ISC sample papers 2023.