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Is UPPSC Easy or Tough? Everything You Need to Know About the Exam

Is UPPSC Easy or Tough? Everything You Need to Know About the Exam

  • May 14, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Do you want to sit for the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) but know how difficult the exam is? Don't worry! Let us thoroughly discuss whether the UPPSC exam is difficult or easy to crack and how to become successful by using UPPSC books. 

Understanding UPPSC: An Overview

  • The UPPSC is the state agency responsible for conducting examinations and recruitment programs for the Uttar Pradesh state government departments. 
  • Exams generally follow a multistage format, which includes qualifying through prelims, and mains, and subsequently passing it. 

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Factors Influencing Difficulty

Due to the following factors, the exam seems to be difficult: 

  • Syllabus Complexity: The curriculum, with its wide variety of topics from general studies to optional ones, may direct one towards overload. 
  • Competition: A huge number of applicants take the test for few available subject openings, thereby intensifying competition raises the difficulty level as well. 
  • Changing Trends: As the nature of the test formats and question patterns is constantly changing, students are required to be adaptive, and the most effective revision is constant practice. 


Ease vs. Toughness: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the UPPSC exam to know whether it is easy or difficult: 

Pros of UPPSC:

Diverse Opportunities: UPPSC provides employment opportunities across the spectrum of government sub-sectors in the state. 

Ample Resources: A wide range of study materials, coaching institutes, and online resources are your aid to efficiently make up your preparation. 

Cons of UPPSC:

Extensive Preparation: The time, commitment, and persistence required of one to efficiently get through the research materials that cover the outlined syllabus is immense. 

Uncertain Results: Though students might be well prepared by studying, there is no assurance of success because others would have come prepared as well, and the questions could be unpredictable and not usually in a particular order. 

Strategies to Tackle UPPSC

Follow the below-mentioned strategies to handle the UPPSC exam successfully: 

Effective Time Management: Schedule the syllabus with caution and the optimal time spent per section, as well as revision after that. 

Thorough Understanding: To deal with different approaches to testing efficiently concentrate on conceptual clarity, not on rote memorization. 

Mock Tests and Previous Papers: Making ample practice of mock tests with UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers allows you to know the exam pattern and discover the weakest areas of your study. 

Optimal Use Of UPPSC Books: Select the study materials and resources that will cover the course content accurately and that you can easily get hold of. 


Expert Tips for Success

Here are the tips you must follow to become successful in the exam: 

Consistency is Key: Follow a regular study schedule that you will update after every revision so that you do not forget what you have been learning. 

Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated on the day-to-day affairs, development of other commissions, and the most recent exam announcements to remain ahead of others in the competition. 

Stay Positive: Move something positive, find your drive, and have faith in yourself despite all the difficulties. 


Surely, the UPPSC exam is not easy to deal with; however, with effective planning, proper UPPSC books, and thorough decisions, one may pass that exam like a mediocre person. The navigation of this process starts with the knowledge of the exam's intricacies, the development of productive study habits, and maintaining a persistent focus on your goals.  Ultimately, these efforts will help you not only overcome the challenges but also reach the cherished objective of the UP government sector.

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