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Can I Study at Home for NEET? Tips to Score Well

Can I Study at Home for NEET? Tips to Score Well

  • May 03, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

NEET is the most coveted and anticipated exam for medical aspirants conducted every year. This exam enables students to seek admission to medical programmes across the Nation and fulfil their dreams of becoming successful medical professionals. However, the big question is whether the intent matches the action. Passing alone is not enough for someone who wants to appear for the NEET Exam, but scoring a good rank is crucial. 

One can definitely study at home by themselves to clear the exam. NEET is a very competitive exam and requires 200% attention. While students are preparing for board exams, they can simultaneously prepare for NEET Exam as 80% of the syllabus is from NCERTs. 

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Tips to Study for NEET at Home

1Understand the syllabus and its magnanimity. Study it and understandif you can handle the syllabus and are ready for sheer hard work. In the beginning, it seems manageable but during the course it starts to get difficult.

2Once the board exams are over, the student needs to study for 10-13 hours in a day. Make a study plan which covers the entire syllabus in a timely manner. Start your day early, as early as 5am and cover the hard topics in the beginning of the day. 

3- Take mini breaks in the middle of study sessions, but not too many and not less. A balance would be needed. 


4Plan your studies at night as it is an important step while studying. Mark the topics you will be studying the next day.  

5- Join a good Online Institute for guidance and to stay updated with the latest developments in the NEET Exam. The institute will help you with good content, competent faculty and test series to practice the syllabus covered. 

6Practice from Oswaal Books Previous Year Solved Papers & Mock Tests. Revising what you have learned is very important as it helps to retain the knowledge. Previous Year Solved Papers and Mock Test Papers helps in gaining deeper understanding of the exam pattern and type of questions asked. 

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7- Exercise every day - The NEET Exam is tough and requires a lot of mental strength. As we sit for long hours, it's important to move the body and refresh the mind. Exercise daily to feel fresh and high in energy. 

8- Meditate - Close your physical workout with a few minutes of sitting still at a comfortable place and focus on your breathing. Observe your thoughts and become more aware of your mind and thoughts. This will help you increase your focus and give clarity to your preparation. It will also make you more intuitive. 

Follow these few steps and work hard to crack the NEET Exam.

We wish you All the Best! 

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