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CAT 2024 Cut-Off Analysis: Understand the Significance & Secure Your Admission

CAT 2024 Cut-Off Analysis: Understand the Significance & Secure Your Admission

  • June 17, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The CAT exam is the gateway to premier MBA programs in India. Admission is contingent upon the cut-off percentile, as many candidates strive for limited places.

This blog looks at five years' worth of CAT cut-offs, explains how they are important in the admission process and helps you get over them.

CAT 2024 Cut-Off Analysis: Using the Rearview Mirror

Although the official CAT 2024 cut-offs have yet to be released, analyzing past trends offers valuable insights. This will give you a sneak preview into what happened during the last five years (general category).

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2019: IIMs – 99-100 percentile, Other Top B-schools – 95-99 percentile

2020: IIMs – 98-99 percentile, Other Top B-schools – 94-98 percentile

2021: IIMs – 99-100 percentile, Other Top B-schools – 94-99 percentile

2022: IIMs – 99-100 percentile, Other Top B-schools – 95-99 percentile

2023 (Expected): IIMs −99-100 percentile, Other Top B-schools -95−99 percentile

Significance of Cut-Offs in CAT Admissions

Cut-offs in CAT play an essential role in the selection process. They set a benchmark for shortlisting candidates for subsequent stages of admissions - Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

Gauge Your Competition Level:

Understanding previous year's cut-offs, especially for your target B-school(s), will provide insight into a competitive landscape, which assists with self-analysis and strategizing appropriately.


Identify Your Target Score:

Knowing what the cut-offs are allows you to aim at an achievable target score rather than just clearing the 'cut-off' threshold; thereby increasing chances of being selected in competitive WAT/PI rounds.

Develop a Strategic Preparation Plan:

Preparation for cut-offs can be guided by its analysis. Concentrate on areas where you need significant improvement to overcome the cut-off and secure a good WAT/PI score.

Conquering the CAT Cut-Off: Tips for Success

Master the Fundamentals:

Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning are subjects that require strong foundations. Use CAT previous years' question papers to understand exam pattern and types of questions.

Practice Makes Perfect:

It is necessary to practice CAT mock tests regularly. They simulate actual exam environments; hence, they help identify strengths, weaknesses, and time management skills.

Focus on Accuracy and Speed:

Attempt as many questions as possible within the given time frame ensuring accuracy. This is because CAT is a timed exam. Practicing this on CAT Mock Test will be beneficial in honing such skill.

Develop Test-Taking Strategies:

Learn how to manage time effectively and smartly approach different question types. This knowledge can be gained from analyzing CAT previous years' question papers.

Stay Motivated:

The journey towards CAT can be demanding at times – keep your schedule consistent and make sure that you surround yourself with positive people.

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But it is just one of those humps standing between a candidate and their dream B-school seat. By understanding the significance of having a structured preparation plan through "CAT previous years' question papers" along with "CAT mock test", the right approach, you can clear the cut-off for getting into your dream B school. Remember consistency, hard work and focused preparation are key ingredients to success in this examination.

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