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  • May 18, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CUET (Common University Entrance Test – 2022) is on track to give a single platform and equal possibilities to candidates from all over the country, particularly those from rural and remote locations.

This endeavor was taken in order to strengthen ties with universities.

Under the Ministry of Education, CUET 2022 has been introduced for the purpose of admission into Undergraduate Programs in all Central Universities for the academic session 2022-2023.

This will save the student from the trouble of taking multiple exams for each university individually. A single exam would now be enough for an applicant to be considered for admission to several Central Universities.

In this article, we'll discuss the four areas that have been mentioned for CUET 2022, and how comprehending them will provide a tremendous opportunity for any student out there.

We'll also go over some ideas for ensuring that you get the best grades possible by focusing on the proper courses and by using CUET previous year's question papers.


CUET (UG) – 2022 consists of 4 sections . Let’s talk about the sections one by one:

1. Section I (LANGUAGE) : Section IA and Section IB

There are 13 different languages in Section IA whereas in Section IB  there are 20 Languages. 40 questions out of 50 in each language needs to be attempted.

The questions will be in the form of MCQ and students will be given 45 Minutes for each Languages. Language section will be tested through reading comprehension (based on different types of passages–Factual, Literary and Narrative, Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary.

The Tests (other than “Language” Test) are offered in 13 languages i.e. Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu

A candidate is required to choose one of the specified languages as the medium of the paper, as per desired University’s eligibility criteria, while applying.


2. Section II - Domain

There are 27 domain-specific subjects being offered under this Section. A candidate may choose a maximum of Six (06) Domains as desired by the applicable University/Universities.

40 questions out of 50 needs to be attempted in each subject. 45 Minutes for each Domain Specific Subjects will be provided.

The candidate has to choose a maximum of 6 subjects from a total of  27 subjects. The MCQs will be based on syllabus given on NTA website.

Below is the complete list of 27 Domain-Specific subjects:

1. Accountancy/BookKeeping

2. Agriculture

3. Anthropology

4. Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry

5. Business Studies

6. Chemistry

7. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices

8. Economics/ Business Economics

9. Engineering Graphics

10. Entrepreneurship

11. Environmental Science

12. Fine Arts/ Visual Arts (Sculpture/ Painting)/Commercial Arts,

13. Geography/Geology

14. History

15. Home Science

16. Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India

17. Legal Studies

18. Mass Media/ Mass Communication

19. Mathematics

20. Performing Arts – (i) Dance (Kathak/ Bharatnatyam/ Oddisi/ Kathakali/Kuchipudi/ Manipuri (ii) Drama- Theatre (iii) Music General (Hindustani/ Carnatic/ Rabindra Sangeet/ Percussion/ Non-Percussion)

21. Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga

22. Physics

23. Political Science

24. Psychology

25. Sanskrit

26. Sociology

27. Teaching Aptitude

The question paper in respect of the Domain Specific Subjects and the General Test, will be bi-lingual, i.e., it will be in the medium (one of the 13 languages) opted by the candidate and in English.

In case of any discrepancy in translation, English version shall be pursued except for “Language” Tests (Section 1A & 1B).


3. Section III -General Test

The best advice for this part is to stay up with current events: Because the CUET 2022 General Test will cover themes like general knowledge, current events, general mental capacity, arithmetic ability, statistics, quantitative reasoning, and so on.

This section also includes logical and analytical reasoning. A total of 60 questions out of 75 must be tried.


Important notes regarding CUET 2022

A Candidate is allowed to take a maximum of 09 Tests in following manner:

(a) Maximum of 02 languages from Section IA and Section IB taken together, maximum of 06 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III.

OR Maximum of 03 languages from Section IA and Section IB taken together, maximum of 05 Domain Subjects from Section II and General Test from Section III.

(b) Considering that candidates from different States/Boards would be applying for CUET (UG)-2022, NTA has decided to provide choice in all Sections of question papers, however, the total number of questions to be attempted will remain the same.

(c) For choosing Languages, domain specific Subjects and General Test the Candidate MUST refer to requirements of his/her intended University as choices should match the requirements of the University.

(d) The CUET 2022 exam will be conducted in online mode in the month of July as Computer Based test-CBT.


Here are some pointers to help a student improve their grades

1. Select a language in which you are fluent: This portion is designed to assess the student's literary ability and vocabulary. Reading comprehension based on factual and literary texts will be the focus of the language part.

It would be really useful for you if you chose a language in which you are already proficient. You can find questions related to language in CUET previous year papers. 


2. Self-evaluate the online question samples and manage time according to the CUET 2022 actual test. Utilize CUET previous year's papers for the same. As a result, you must devote time each day to studying the things you need to master.

This will assist you in focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.


3. Go over the syllabus thoroughly with yourself. The language section of the test will be administered first, followed by one focusing on a specific academic field to which the students are applying, and finally a general ability test.

Knowing what's inside each component will make it easier for you to concentrate on each department for greater results.


4. Accurate language knowledge will aid in degree specialization: You must take language paper form 1B if you want to graduate with a degree in a certain language. Portion 1A of the Language section has thirteen language papers, while Section 1B contains 19 papers.


5. Use the CUET previous year's papers that are available online for students all around the country: This will aid memory and allow a student to cover the syllabus chapter by chapter and topic by topic for thorough exam preparation.

Students can also use CUET Question Bank 2022 to track and measure their progress on their paper.


6. Avoid bringing up unpleasant subjects on a frequent basis. Because this may demotivate you, it is preferable to combine a few of the concepts in order to improve your performance for CUET 2022.


7. If you're given a difficult quantitative problem to solve, start with a smaller logical problem. Don't be too hard on yourself.


These were some suggestions we thought could be useful, and keep in mind that, because all of the students are applying from different states/boards, CUET 2022 is a newer concept for all of you.

You will succeed. Just keep in mind to solve CUET previous year papers and PRACTICE! 

Take hepl of these books recommended by experts to solve CUET exam papers more effectively : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/competitive-entrance-exams/nra-cet-2022


All the Best!

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