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GATE 2024 Registration Date Extended: Strategize Your Study Plan

GATE 2024 Registration Date Extended: Strategize Your Study Plan

  • October 10, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru has just announced another extension for the GATE 2024 registration date deadline. If you haven't applied yet for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2024, here's your chance! Simply visit the official website at gate2024.iisc.ac.in to apply online. You now have until October 12, 2023, to register without incurring any late fees.

Please note that candidates applying after this extended deadline will be required to pay a late fee of Rs 500. Don't miss out on this opportunity – secure your registration before October 12th to avoid additional costs.

The GATE 2024 registration process commenced on August 30, 2023, and the original deadline was September 29, 2023, which was later extended to October 5, 2023. With the revised schedule, applicants have until October 20, 2023, to register online with a late fee. From November 7 to November 11, 2023, candidates can make modifications to their application forms.

Mark your calendars for the GATE 2024 exam on February 3, 4, and 10, 11, 2024. Admit cards will be available on January 3, 2024, and answer keys will be released on February 21, 2024. Stay informed by visiting the official website regularly for updates.

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With the GATE 2024 registration extended, you now have time to prepare strategically and excel in this challenging exam. Now, we'll explore how to make the most of this extra time by focusing on the GATE Syllabus 2024 and leveraging GATE Previous Year Question Papers to refine your preparation.

Imagine the GATE Syllabus 2024 as your treasure map. It tells you exactly where the hidden gems (topics) are buried. Here's your quest:

1. Start by grabbing the GATE 2024 syllabus from the official website. Highlight your strengths and circle those topics that make your brain do a somersault.

2. Divide your study time wisely among subjects. Tackle your tough subjects first, and sprinkle some love on your easy ones.

3. Choose your study materials wisely. Whether it's books, online courses, or video lectures, your study materials should be your trusty sidekicks on this epic quest.

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The Epic Study Plan for GATE Exam 2024:

Your study hours are precious gems. Distribute them wisely among subjects and don't forget to factor in some "me time."

Regularly revisit topics you've conquered. It's like leveling up your skills in a video game – you want to be a GATE master!

Full-length mock tests are like boss battles. You're training for the final showdown, so don't skip these. Challenge yourself and see how you fare.

A hero needs their health. Don't forget to eat well, sleep well, and sneak in a bit of exercise. A healthy body means a sharp mind.

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So, there you have it, brave GATE aspirants! With the GATE 2024 registration extended, you've got extra time to make your journey epic. Know your GATE Syllabus 2024 inside out, wield the power of GATE Previous Year Question Papers, and craft a study plan that suits your style. Stay strong, stay curious, and may the GATE odds be ever in your favor. Good luck on your quest!

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