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GATE Books For 2025 Exam GATE Books For 2025 Exam

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Online Mock Papers
Online Mock Papers

GATE Exam 2025

Features of the Best GATE Books for 2025 Exam | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths

15 Years Solved Papers 2010-2024 with detailed answers.

2 Sample Papers with Smart Answer key and detailed explanations.

QR Codes to easily scan for online content.

Tips & Tricks to Crack the Exam.

GATE Qualifying Cut-offs and Highest Marks.

GATE General Aptitude 2024 to 2017 – Trend Analysis.

GATE Score Calculation metrics.

Mind Maps and Mnemonics for blended learning.Benefits of the Best Books for GATE Preparation 2025 | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths

Easy to Understand: The Best GATE Books for 2025 Exam | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths are very easy to understand for the candidates. The concepts, chapters, and topics are explained in a simplified manner and therefore the candidates will be able to understand easily. The Best GATE Books for 2025 Exam | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths help candidates to have a deeper understanding of the GATE topics. GATE 2025 exam consists of many complicated chapters and therefore the book tries to keep the explanation simple and concise.

Accurate Information: The books contain accurate information about the topics present in the syllabus of the GATE 2025 exam. This best aptitude book for GATE exam 2025 with accurate information is a buy for gate aspirants.

Pictorial Representations: With Mind Maps in the book, the chances for candidates to retain information increase exponentially. The mind maps are diagrams present in the Best Books for GATE Preparation 2025 | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths to help students learn topics and chapters more easily and sustain the learning for longer duration. Candidates for the GATE 2025 exam should try to use the best aptitude book for the GATE exam that explains the topics using diagrams.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) conducts the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) on behalf of the National Coordination Board, which primarily tests the comprehensive interpretation of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science for entrance into the Masters Programs and Jobs in Public Sector Companies. In addition, it screens candidates if they are eligible for engineering studies admission.

Approx 10 lakh students appear for the GATE Exam every year; out of the 10 lakh, around 70% of the students are from the six main branches in the GATE exam, i.e. ME, CE, EE, IN, EC&CS. The subject-wise Best Books for GATE Preparation 2025 | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths is explained below in detail.

What's new in GATE Exam 2025?

  • Two new Subjects - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM) and Geomatics Engineering (GE). The total number of subjects increased this year, making it 29.

  • Paper Choice - Students can choose two papers from the specified combinations.

  • Exam Pattern - All the GATE Exam 2025 papers will be objective type. In addition, the exam Pattern may include MCQs or Numerical Answer Type (NAT). Students may better understand the exam pattern from their GATE Exam Books 2025.

  • Eligibility Criteria - IIT have relaxed the eligibility from the minimum of 10+2+4 (ongoing) to a minimum level of 10+2+3 (ongoing), which allows the students in their ongoing 3rd year of undergraduate, which enables them to secure better opportunities for their career.

GATE Exam Books 2025:

If you're an aspirant planning to appear in the GATE Exam 2025, you need to know about the Best GATE Books for 2025 Exam | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths to prepare for your exam better. You need to see the checklist below to understand better what points you need to keep in mind while selecting the GATE Exam Books 2025.

  • Latest Syllabus

  • Take Reviews from your seniors and peers about the GATE Exam Books as they have gone through this phase

  • Check if the GATE Exam Books have after-chapter assessments. 

  • Consult your teachers for advice about which GATE Exam Books are the best.

  • Check online reviews on the internet to get the GATE Exam Books which suit you the best

  • See if your pocket allows you to purchase the book

Highlights of the GATE 2025 Exam Pattern



Mode of Exam

Computer-Based Test (Online)

Exam Duration

3 Hours

Number of Papers in GATE 2025

29 Papers

Sections in Paper

  • General Aptitude (GA)

  • Candidate Selected Subject

Question Types

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)

  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Question’s Design

The below listed abilities will be tested from the designed questions.

  • Application

  • Comprehension

  • Analysis

  • Recall

  • Synthesis

Number of Questions

65 Questions (10 questions included from General Aptitude)

Question Distribution in all Papers except AR, MA, PH, CY, EY, GG and XL

Engineering Mathematics - 13 Marks

Subject Questions - 72 Marks

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Distribution of Questions in AR, MA, PH, XH, CY, EY, GG, and XL

Questions from Subject Concerned - 85 Marks

General Aptitude - 15 Marks

Total Marks

100 Marks

Marking Scheme

All questions will be worth 1 or 2 marks

Negative Marking in GATE Exam

Two types of MCQs:

  • MCQs - every correct answer will give 1 mark; Every wrong answer will cost you 1/3.

  • MCQs - every correct answer will give 1 mark; Every wrong answer will cost you 2/3. No negative markings for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

  • NO negative marking for NAT or MCQs.

Paper Code Wise Subject Weightage - GATE Exam Pattern 2025

Paper Code

Exam Pattern

CE, CS, EC, AE, AG, XE, PE, BT, CH, ME, MN, MT, EE, IN, TF,  ST and PI

GA (General Aptitude) – 15

Engineering Mathematics – 13 question

The Subject of the paper – 72 question

GG, MA, PH, XH, AR, CY, EY, and XL

GA (General Aptitude) – 15

The Subject of the paper – 85

Marking Scheme of GATE Exam 2025

GATE Paper Code

General Aptitude (GA) Marks

Subject Marks

Total Marks

Total Time (Minutes)






AR [Part A + Part B (B1: Architecture or B2: Planning)]


60 + 25



GE [Part A + Part B (Section I or Section II)


55 + 30



GG [Part A + Part B (Section 1: Geology or Section 2: Geophysics)]


25 + 60



XE (Section A + Any TWO Sections)


15 + (2 x 35)



XH (Section B1 + Any ONE Section)


25 + 60



XL (Section P + Any TWO Sections)


25 + (2 x 30)



GATE 2025 Exam Marking Scheme

  • In the GATE 2025 Exam, Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude will be mandatory sections, including 15% weightage in each paper's total marks in GATE papers with codes AE, AG, EE, IN ME, MN, MT, PE, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, PI, TF, and XE and The remaining 70 weightage will be given to the subject named by the Candidate.

  • As in GATE 2025 question papers AR, PH, ST, CY, EY, GG, MA, and XL, there will be a mandatory section of General Aptitude( 15 of the total marks). The remaining 85 weightage will be given to the named subject.

Subject-wise GATE exam 2025 preparation


In short, Maths is the most important subject you need to prepare for GATE. The syllabus of Maths includes various topics like Differential Equations, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus etc. Suppose you are preparing for the GATE Mathematics exam. In that case, you must give your best on all these topics and prepare from the recommended GATE Exam Books because these topics will determine your overall performance in the exam. The GATE Exam Books will help you a lot while preparing for the exam easily. So if you want to do well in this paper, then follow the below-given steps:

Computer Science

Computer Science is the most crucial subject in the GATE exam. Therefore, you need to have good knowledge of this subject to get good marks in the GATE exam, and hence, you should start with this section as soon as possible from the GATE Exam Books from the recognized authors. The topics which are covered under computer science are:

Data Structures: This topic deals with how we store information on computers and how we use them for storing data in different ways. For example, we can use arrays or linked lists while storing data in computer memory. Still, there are other methods like hash tables, etc., which do not require us to know anything about algorithms like sorting or searching algorithms, etc...

Operating Systems: This topic deals with how an operating system works internally without having any user interface (UI). It also covers how various applications run on top of OSs like Windows 7/8/10 OS X 10 OS, etc...


Physics studies matter, its motion through space and time, and related concepts such as energy and force. It includes various phenomena that different theoretical frameworks or models can explain.

Physics is one of the oldest academic subjects through its inclusion of astronomy. Physics has been called "the central science" because it addresses fundamental questions about nature, like why things are as they are. It also provides insight into how nature works, including its structure and function at an atomic level.

Physics has many subdisciplines that examine specific aspects or areas within physics, such as quantum mechanics (quantum physics), classical mechanics (classical physics), thermodynamics (thermodynamics), and statistical mechanics (statistical mechanics). Get help from some good GATE Exam Books to score well.


It is the study of the structure, properties, composition, and reactions of substances and must be done. It encompasses more than just chemical reactions; it includes physical and other aspects of the matter. While organic chemistry deals with compounds containing carbon, inorganic chemistry deals with compounds that do not contain carbon. Physical changes can be caused by heat or light, while chemical changes are caused by adding or removing atoms from molecules (or ionizing them).

In GATE exam syllabus for Chemistry, you need to learn about reaction mechanisms as well as formation theories for ions/atoms/molecules etc., which will help you solve problems related to these topics; GATE Exam Books will help you to cover all the topics very precisely so that you crack the exam in a good way.


It is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

It's important to note that civil engineering differs from mechanical engineering in that it also involves natural resources such as soil or rock.

Electronics & Communication

GATE exam preparation needs more time than usual. So start taking a step towards it.

Prepare well for your weak subjects and try to learn the topics thoroughly. Practice mock tests, read theory carefully, and then try your best on an actual test. You can also download some practice materials online or find some good GATE Exam Books at your local bookstore/library with GATE Exam books available in English and Hindi or Tamil languages, respectively (although they may contain little content).

GATE exam preparation needs more time than usual. So start taking a step towards it.

The exam is challenging, and it requires more time than usual. So, start early and keep on studying. You need to focus on your studies, prepare from good GATE Exam Books, stay motivated and avoid distractions while studying for the GATE exam 2025.

General Aptitude is a crucial section that tests the candidate's verbal and numerical ability, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills. To excel in this section, choosing suitable study materials is essential. One of the Best Books for GATE | General Aptitude & Engineering Maths 2025 is a comprehensive guide that covers all the topics in the General Aptitude section. It provides detailed explanations, practice questions, and strategies to improve performance in this section. This book is designed to enhance your problem-solving skills and boost your confidence in tackling diverse question types.

For Engineering Mathematics, one of the Best Books for GATE | General Aptitude & Engineering Maths 2025, is a comprehensive textbook that covers all the topics in the syllabus. It presents the concepts clearly and concisely, making it easier for the readers to grasp the fundamental principles. In addition, the book includes numerous examples and practice exercises to reinforce the understanding of key concepts. With this book, you can build a solid foundation in the Best Maths Book for the GATE Exam and effectively solve the numerical problems that appear in the GATE exam.

Another highly recommended Best Books for GATE | General Aptitude & Engineering Maths 2025 is a practice workbook designed to improve problem-solving skills. This book contains a wide range of practice questions, including multiple-choice, numerical answer-type, and reasoning-based questions. Solving these questions will help you understand the concepts better and familiarize you with the exam pattern and time management strategies.

In addition to the books mentioned above, referring to previous years' question papers and solved papers is beneficial. These resources provide insights into the question format, difficulty level, and essential topics frequently asked in the GATE exam. Furthermore, by solving these papers, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them. This will boost your confidence and help you perform better on exam day.

Apart from books specifically dedicated to GATE | General Aptitude & Engineering Maths Books 2025, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the core subjects related to your GATE discipline. Refer to the standard textbooks prescribed for your undergraduate course and ensure you have a strong command over the fundamental concepts. These textbooks will serve as a reference guide while preparing for the technical subjects in the GATE exam.

In conclusion, choosing the Best Maths Book for the GATE Exam is crucial for effective preparation. A comprehensive guide for GATE | General Aptitude & Engineering Maths Books 2025 for Engineering Mathematics are essential resources to strengthen your knowledge and problem-solving skills. Additionally, practice workbooks and solved papers will help you gain familiarity with the exam pattern and improve your time management. Remember, the key to success in GATE lies in consistent practice, understanding the concepts thoroughly, and staying focused on your goal.


I hope that my arguments convince you. In addition, I have discussed the importance of the GATE exam, preparation, and best Best Books for GATE Preparation 2025 | General Aptitude and Engineering Maths and shared some ideas to ensure you take advantage of the opportunity. So, if you want to crack the GATE Exam 2023, start taking steps towards it right now!

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