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Last-Minute Preparation Tips to Score 90+ Percentile in JEE Main 2024

Last-Minute Preparation Tips to Score 90+ Percentile in JEE Main 2024

  • March 22, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The JEE Main exam is just around the corner, and the pressure is on! But fear not, aspiring engineers. Even with limited time remaining, you can strategize your preparation to maximize your score. Here are some effective last-minute tips to help you achieve a coveted 90+ percentile in JEE Main 2024:

Revise Core Concepts Rather Than Doing The Entire Syllabus

Forget cramming every nook and cranny of the syllabus. Focus on reinforcing your understanding of high-yield topics in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Use previous years’ papers and mock tests to identify such frequently asked areas.

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Physics: Recollect mechanics especially work energy power concepts along with momentum conservation; also emphasize electromagnetism, optics, and thermodynamics.

Chemistry: Go over physical-organic-inorganic chemistry again; study things like equilibrium kinetics chemical bonding & basic principles of organic reactions.

Mathematics: Be good with calculus coordinate geometry algebra; solve questions related to functions vectors three-dimensional geometry probability.

Master Art for Revision:

Identify Your Weak Spots: First off all grab hold of your notes along with JEE Main syllabus. Analyze previous mock tests conducted by coaching institutes or personal ones at home by yourself only if possible. Now categorize them according to various topics which seemed tough during those tests choose few which falls into category I for revision purpose.

Focus on High-Weightage Chapters: Jee Mains has specific chapters that are emphasized more than others.research each topic’s weightage so that you can spend more time revising the ones that are frequently tested.

Flashcards are Your Friend: Make brief flashcards of key concepts, formulas and important points. These will be extremely useful for quick reviews throughout the day.


Practice Makes Perfect:

Mock Tests are a Must: Take full-length mock tests under time constraints to simulate the actual test environment. Analyze your performance to find out areas of improvement and adjust your approach accordingly.

Focus on Speed and Accuracy: Both speed and accuracy are required in JEE Main. Practice solving problems within a stipulated timeframe thus developing time management skills as you do so. Don’t sacrifice precision during haste- well attempted questions are always better than wild guesses.

Previous Years’ Papers are Gold: The candidate can gain insight into the exam pattern, level of difficulty, and common questions from such papers. Solution strategies presented usually reveal how one might go about solving these equations.


Sharpening up Your Exam Strategy:

Time Management is Key: Develop a time schedule whereby each subject is assigned specified durations during the examination period. Focus on maximum attempts in strong sections while still paying some attention to weak areas too.

Selective Reading: Do not waste time reading lengthy passages word by word. Learn to skim and identify keywords so as to get the main idea quickly.

Smart Guessing is Allowed: Not all questions require extensive calculations. Should you ever get stuck employ elimination method to cross out several possibilities then pick what appears most probable when stranded between two options but keep in mind that wild guessing is like gambling while educated guesswork is your best chance at success.

Maintain Peak Performance:

Sleep First. Sleep will make you smart. Have 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep prior to the exam. Do not study late at night because it will make you tired and affect your performance.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body: Maintain a balanced diet which consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and other brain booster foods. Avoid excessive intakes of sugary or processed foods that may cause an energy crash.

Stay Cool and Collected: Exam stress is real; however, it should not be allowed to get over you. Engage in relaxation exercises such as deep breathing or meditation to manage tension and focus on what needs to be done.

Just Remember:- JEE Main test is not about memorizing materials; rather, it involves being strategic in your preparation, practicing wisely, and keeping calm amidst tight schedules for exams. Follow these last minute tips and believe in yourself so that you can take this exam confidently and achieve those desired scores.

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