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JEE Main Previous Year Solved Question Papers for 2024 JEE Main Previous Year Solved Question Papers for 2024

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JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry  

JEE Main is the biggest entrance examination which enables students to get admitted into top engineering colleges such as NITs and IITs. The preparation must be consistent and full proof for the JEE exam. Every year, lakhs of students compete to crack JEE Main to get a seat in above-mentioned reputed engineering institutes.


To get ahead of all other candidates in the exam, one must try to solve JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry. Toppers also suggest solving JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry will help students outperform others in the exam, and to strengthen their exam preparation.


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Features of JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry  


Chapter-wise and Topic-wise presentation

Latest JEE (Main) Two Question Paper 2023- Fully solved

Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Previous Questions to enable quick revision

Previous Years’ (2019-2023) Exam Questions to facilitate focused study

Mind Map: A single page snapshot of the entire chapter for longer retention

Mnemonics to boost memory and confidence

Oswaal QR Codes: Easy to scan QR codes for online concept-based content

Two SQPs based on the latest pattern

Tips to crack JEE (Main)

Trend Analysis: Chapter-wise 


Benefits of JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry 


Improve the JEE Main Preparation


JEE Main preparation should be the aim of the aspirants and JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry are just for that. Solving the JEE main question paper and JEE Main previous year question paper with solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry provides an idea of the exam pattern and the number of questions from various sections of the syllabus. Therefore, aspirants should always make their exam preparation aligned with JEE mains question papers.


Analyse Your Strength and Weakness


While going through the JEE Main previous year question paper with solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry, mark the questions that are known and leave the rest. It is the best way to find out the known and the unknown questions from the question paper. Candidates can then easily find out the areas of their expertise and weakness.  The areas that they need to focus on and the areas which are their strength.


Practice Leads to Perfection


JEE Main previous year question paper with solutions | Maths Physics Chemistry  when practised with focus and precision will produce desired results. When the aspirants practice from JEE mains question papers and previous years' question papers for a considerable amount of time then they are sure to score maximum.



Time management improved


After every exam, the majority of students complained about how time is limited for that exam. JEE Main candidates can improve their time management by using previous years question papers. After practising these papers candidate will get a good idea of how much time is required for every section and where to invest more time, and where to reduce. For JEE Main candidates, previous year papers are one of the best methods to improve their time management during the exam. Good time management helps a lot to complete an exam in time with the double check and without losing marks due to attempted questions.


Understand exam pattern


Through regular practice from previous years question papers, the candidate will get a better idea of the exam pattern, from which topics most of the questions appeared every year and what is the weightage of questions from different chapters and topics. Candidates can work on the topics which questions they failed to attempt or wrongly attempted in the sample exam. They can also find the marking pattern by using previous years papers.


Help to plan strategy 


When candidates attempt previous years question papers in his/her preparations, they can find their strengths and weaknesses, in which topic they are strong and weak, in which area they are taking more time and which mistakes they are repeatedly making. After finding all these things, candidates can work on it and plan their strategy far better than before.


Improve speed & accuracy


The best method to improve speed and accuracy in anything is to practice that thing again and again. If JEE Main candidate wants to improve their speed practising the previous years question papers on a regular basis is best for it. By regularly practising papers, candidates can build their own shortcut methods and tricks, which help them a lot in real exams and take them ahead of other candidates. Especially these methods are very helpful in exams like Physics and Mathematics.

Boost confidence

It’s better to have a good idea of pattern and question papers rather than seeing a paper first time in a real exam. If you don’t have any prior practice or experience and have only theoretical knowledge, then it’s become comparatively difficult to attempt the exam in the proper manner. By using previous years question papers, you will get a better idea of patterns and questions and become friendly with the question papers and can handle the time pressure in a better manner.


Helpful in Revision


Previous years question papers are very helpful for revision. When candidates practice these papers, they indirectly do revision also because, at the time of practice, they find which topics and parts they forgot and need more preparation. Through regular practice, candidates are again and again revising their knowledge and further working on it.

How to prepare with Previous Years Question Papers

- After completing one subject, start solving papers and further work on your weaknesses

- Add solving one previous years question paper to your daily study schedule

- The paper you solve daily, solve it from 9 am to 12 pm or 3 pm to 6 pm. These are the time on which usually JEE Main exam occur

- Solve at least 10 years question papers. The more you solve, the more you learn and become efficient

- Deeply analyse all the papers, find from which topics most of the questions are asked and which pattern is exam following








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