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NEET Difficulty Level 2024: What to Expect Subject-Wise

NEET Difficulty Level 2024: What to Expect Subject-Wise

  • March 27, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

India’s largest medical admission test is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Annually, hundreds of thousands of students take NEET with the hope of getting into top medical colleges.  The approaching NEET exam date 2024 (the exact date will be declared by National Testing Agency) has left many aspirants wondering about the NEET difficulty level 2024.

This blog post provides an insight on what to expect from the NEET exam 2024 difficulty level per subject. It is important to note however, that good knowledge of examination pattern and difficulty level is essential for devising a better preparation strategy.

NEET Difficulty Level 2024: A Subject-Wise Breakdown

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Zoology & Botany), are three core science subjects in which NEET is conducted. Below is a subject-wise analysis based on expected NEET difficulty level 2024:

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  • Considered as one of the most challenging sections in NEET.
  • Expect questions that range from easy to moderate levels of difficulties.
  • Concentrate more on understanding basics and problem-solving abilities.
  • Past year papers and mock tests can help you understand better how these concepts are applied?


  • Similarity expected on its level of difficultness to being high.
  • It however, includes both organic and inorganic chemistry questions.
  • For excelling at this part it demands strong foundation laid down by NCERT concepts.
  • Variety question formats could be used to apply them as much as possible during practice sessions.

Biology (Zoology & Botany):

  • Regarded by many as simplest due to its factual nature.
  • Extensive familiarity with NCERT textbooks, diagrams and terminologies is necessary for success here.
  • Prepare yourself for questions about biological processes, structures or classifications you have already encountered reading about before now?

Factors Affecting NEET Difficulty Level

However it must be emphasized that until the exams are completed, the exact NEET difficulty level 2024 cannot be predicted. Below are some factors that may influence the difficulty of the exam:

Overall difficulty level of question paper: NTA tries to maintain a balance between the level of easiness for different years.

Question complexity: The way questions are framed and how practical they can be affect their difficultness.

Distribution pattern of question over difficultness levels: An almost negligible shift could occur in easy, moderate or hard question percentage.


Cracking NEET Regardless of Difficulty Level

Your preparation strategy should not change because you have anticipated NEET difficulty level 2024. Here are some key tips to excel in NEET, irrespective of the difficulty level:

Focus on building a strong foundation: Complete NCERT syllabus thoroughly. This is the base for your NEET preparation.

Practice with a variety of questions: Solve mock tests, previous year papers, sample questions from other sources etc.

Develop time management skills: Prepare yourselves to finish NEET paper within time frame provided.

Clear your doubts regularly: Do not hesitate to consult teachers, mentors or online resources if you need answers on any unclear topics.

Maintain a positive attitude: Stay focused, motivated and believe that you will make it.


However, one must keep in mind that there is no such thing as being too concerned about the potential ease or difficulties attached with exams that determine whether or not someone will become a doctor someday. With knowledge about what to expect from NEET Difficulty Level 2024 and having an appropriate preparation plan in place; one is better positioned to face challenge ahead and realize his/her dreams of medical school.

Though we worry about NEET Difficulty Level 2024 but don’t let it stop you from pursuing what you want. Through focused preparations, tactical mindset, and correct mental attitude, you can top the examination paving ways for a better career into medicine.

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