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GATE 2023 Exam Strategy, Study Plan & Master-Strokes TO Get  Top Ranks

GATE 2023 Exam Strategy, Study Plan & Master-Strokes TO Get Top Ranks

  • September 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


GATE 2023, it gives goosebumps to even the most confident of the aspirants.

There's no denying that if candidates start their GATE 2023 preparation at the earliest, they will accomplish their targets eventually. Starting early helps to understand various complex topics in detail and boosts confidence as well.

Just try to relax and follow these steps for GATE 2023 Exam -



1. The Best way to prepare for GATE 2023, is to go for the previous year question paper. That will tell you where you stand in your preparations and how far you need to go.

2. Now, check for the exam pattern, exam syllabus, maximum marks percentage and other details.

3. Start with your first-year engineering course material like Engineering Mathematics, Basic Technical Subjects, and others.

4. Decide how you wish to prepare, self-study with online stuff and previous year question papers and mock tests, or with coaching institutes and other ways. We would recommend you try previous year question papers.

5. Step by step start with each semester's subjects and try to get a better hold on them. Also, practice with mock papers as you are going to appear for GATE 2023 which is highly competitive in nature.

6. Analyse yourself through these mock papers and sample papers and try to find your weaknesses and work on them.

7. Now at the end when there’s just one month left for GATE 2023 exam, just chill. You need to relax and be confident in yourself in the last month. GATE 2023 should appear like a walk in the park to you.

8. And then, when the D-day arrives, you need to perform and take out everything you have in 3 hours.


Master-Stroke Tips To Score Maximum in GATE 2023 Exam


1. PLAY MENTAL FORTITUDE GAMES in Between the studies

Playing concentration games and doing concentration exercises are great ways to improve your focus quickly, and at the same time give your mind some time to relax from constant learning.

First, try some staring activities to enhance your attention when you're bored of studying. Then, improve your concentration by playing games like Sudoku and chess.



Meditation is a wonderful approach to calm your body and relieve tension. While it might be challenging and tedious at first, it quickly becomes addictive. Aspirants should take care of their mental and physical health to crack the GATE 2023 exam.


Meditate for a few minutes whenever you notice a drop in your attention. It will help you stay focused and lessen your anxieties.



A better exam insight helps students prepare better, and previous year question papers are just for that. For example, few questions may be repeated from the last year papers and students can identify them with the previous years question papers to find patterns and work on it accordingly.



GATE 2023 Exam is designed to be difficult since everyone is going to appear for it, but you can be the one to crack if you follow these masterstroke tips to score maximum.

Therefore, it is extremely important for a student to solve previous year question papers to their full potential.


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