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  • March 07, 2022
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How many of you have witnessed the below scenario?


You complete 'n' number of tasks in a day but still feel that you have achieved nothing at the end of the day.


Well, most of you have witnessed this scenario on one day or the other.


But, don’t you think “I put my best effort but still don’t feel productive at the end of the day?” “Where am I lacking?”


You need to get an answer to these questions to make the most of your time.


Now, the question arises, how can I get the answer to these questions?


You want to make the most of your time for the board exams, complete the chapters, but still not get that accomplished feeling.


Isn't it panicking?


Hold on!! Take a deep breath!!


Pickle jar theory is there to resolve your issues in no time.


Still figuring out, what is this?


Need not worry, just stay glued to this blog till the end and see how you can use this theory to make the most of your day.


Let’s get started!!



What is Pickle Jar Theory?


Pickle jar theory came into the picture in 2002 by Jeremy Wright. He proposed this theory with the notion that we have limits to time in a day.


He made this analogous to the pickle jar, where the jar represents the entire day whereas sand, pebbles, and rocks account for our everyday activities.


To be more productive throughout the day, you need to juggle between various elements of this pickle jar.


When you feel unproductive at the end of the day even by completing several tasks, then the major reason behind this is you don't know how to prioritize your tasks in a day.


This is the time when pickle jar theory will come to the rescue. Have a look below to understand all the elements of the pickle jar theory:



1. Sand


Sand represents the menial tasks in the day that are not of much importance. It can include tasks like completing a notebook, chatting, using social media, etc.


2. Pebbles


Pebbles represent tasks that are more important than the sand but are not of great urgency. For example, completing an assignment with a due date of next month, completing a lesson, etc.


These sort of things seem to be of very high importance but they can be postponed for other important tasks.



3. Rocks


Rocks signify the most important tasks for the day that you can’t even postpone at any cost. If you don't do these tasks then you won't feel accomplished. It includes tasks like solving a sample paper, preparing a topic thoroughly, etc.



4. Water


Water represents private life i.e. it depicts the time that you want to spend with your family from the entire day.



Rules to implement pickle jar theory


Now, you precisely know what is pickle jar theory?


But, to use this theory to its maximum potential you need to be well-versed with the rule of implementation. If you don’t know how to implement it, then you can’t bore fruits from it.


For instance, you start filling your jar with the sand in the first place, then followed by pebbles and rocks.


But, when you follow this pattern you will realize that after filling the jar with sand there is very little space left for pebbles and rocks.


If you do the tasks in this manner, then undoubtedly you will feel unproductive at the end of the day.


But, the correct approach to be followed to fill the jar is to first fill it with rocks, then pebbles, followed by sand.


In this way, you will end up being most productive throughout the day and will feel accomplished.


Mind it!! Never forget to add water to the jar. Water represents the family and other relations in your life. They are very essential to keep you motivated throughout your day.



How to implement pickle jar theory?


You are a student and you want to know how you will implement this theory to change your life. Because without knowing the implementation there is no fun in knowing the theory.


You already know the ideal rules for using this theory to its maximum potential.


In the meantime, let's consider your day as an example to implement the pickle jar theory.


List down the tasks that you need to accomplish in a day.


Your tasks might include: Revising chemical equations, practicing probability chapters, solving sample papers, solving assignments, reading revision notes, having a cup of coffee, taking walk, etc.


To implement pickle jar theory with these tasks, start with the sample paper. When you do this task, you will start feeling that you have done a great part of your day.


Don’t forget that if you start with some least important task then you will be left with solving a sample paper and you don't feel accomplished.


After solving the sample paper, go with the probability chapter, then revise chemical equations. By doing these three tasks, you will start feeling motivated with great momentum.


Once you are done with these most important tasks of the day then you can take a cup of coffee, complete the assignment, or take a walk.


Try this once and feel the difference!!


This will surely make you feel more enthusiastic and motivated.


Once you gain momentum with this method, start implementing it daily and see what benefits it has in store for you.



Advantages of pickle jar theory


You know how you can implement this theory in your daily. But, are there any advantages that this theory has in-store for you?


The answer is a big YES!!


There are an ample number of advantages to this theory. Below are a set of advantages that you can avail of with this technique:


1. Assist in organizing the day


You do various things in a day but still, somehow time slips from your hand. This is just because you can't manage your time properly.


With the pickle jar theory, you will get the assistance to organize your day in an optimized way. Once you start using this technique, you will become more productive.



2. Helps in task prioritization


The major reason behind not feeling productive is that you are unable to prioritize the tasks as per their urgency.


A pickle jar will give you a clear vision about which tasks are rocks or which are sand. You can schedule the rocks in the first place and then go with the sand.


This will help you get familiarized with the art of planning things for the day.



3. Offers more free time


When you utilize every bit of day by not leaving any important task for later consideration then you have more free time in your hand.


As you do all the tasks in an organized manner you feel more accomplished. This will also leave you with the quality time that you can spend with your family or do some other things that you like.



4. Eliminates distractions


There are a lot of distractions that you face throughout the day. With this theory, you get the privilege to shoo away all these distractions and dedicate your undivided attention towards work.


You stay focussed on the important things that you want to accomplish in a day that helps to eliminate all the distractions.





Pickle jar theory is one of the most effective time management strategies.


Once you start implementing it, there is no going back. You will be blown by the amazing benefits that it has in store for you.


This technique will act as a great asset for your board preparations. You can surely manage time to a great extent by prioritizing the tasks with this technique.


List down your routine on paper and try implementing pickle jar theory for it.



All the best!



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