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  • May 18, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


As NRA CET 2022 is all set to take place in early 2022, it’s high time that all government job aspirants pull up their socks and start with the preparation for the exam.

NRA CET 2022 will act as a single-window exam that will open up the doors for various posts of SSC, RRB, and IBPS at subsequent levels.

It will be a preliminary exam that all the candidates have to take if they wish to sit for further levels of vacancies offered by SSC, RRB, and IBPS.

NRA CET 2022 exam will be conducted in an online format and once the candidates successfully give the exam, the scorecard of the exam will be valid for three years.

The official notice for the NRA CET 2022 exam is not yet out, but it is being anticipated that there will be overall four sections in the exam as per the pattern followed in other government exams.

So, it becomes very important that candidates should start preparing for these sections to excel in the NRA CET 2022 exam.


Preparation Tips for NRA CET 2022 exam

By following the below-mentioned tips, candidates can set a ground for themselves to score exceptionally well in NRA CET 2022 exam.

These are some general tips that will apply to all the sections of the NRA CET exam


Lay emphasis on conceptual chapters

Most aspirants make a huge mistake while preparing for any government exam is, they start with the practical chapters in the first place rather than conceptual ones.

If the conceptual chapters are not handled in the first place then they can give a lot of trouble during the last days of exams.

So, to have a better command of all the chapters, it becomes essential that candidates put more emphasis on the conceptual chapter in the first place to save time and get proficiency.


Maintain speed with accuracy

Speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand for any entrance exam. On similar grounds, NRA CET 2022 exam also requires a great sense of speed and accuracy.

Candidates can practice this aspect with the assistance of mock tests. While solving the mock tests, candidates can easily realize whether they can complete the exam well in time.

Even if they are not able to complete it in time, they can have a check on their weakness so that they don't suffer on the day of the exam.


Analyze the mock tests

Most of the candidates only give the mock tests and forget about them. But, if the aspirants want to score exceptionally well then they should pay proper attention to the analysis of mock tests.

By analyzing the mock tests, candidates will not only come across the exam pattern and marking criteria. But, they will also have a fair idea about the strong and weak points on which they can improve.

Analysis of the mock tests makes the aspirant's exam ready for the NRA CET 2022 and gives wings to their dreams.


Pay attention to crucial areas

Sometimes candidates only keep on preparing with the flow and don't pay any heed to the crucial areas. If the candidates have the goal to crack the exam with distinction, then it becomes imperative for them to focus on crucial areas.

If these crucial areas are not handled well in time then the whole preparation goes futile. So, candidates can have an idea about the important areas only by going through the previous year's papers or question banks.


Revise the concepts

The only way to master the concepts for the NRA CET 2022 exam is to revise them well.

When candidates keep on revising the concepts, then it makes the concepts even clearer and help in better performance during exam time.

These are some of the amazing ways in which candidates can kick start their preparation for the NRA CET 2022 exam even before the exact schedule is out. 


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