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Is Studying for 7 Hours Enough for NEET?

Is Studying for 7 Hours Enough for NEET?

  • May 16, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Every year the National Testing Agency conducts NEET - National Eligibility Entrance Test. It's a graduate level exam to get admissions into MBBS and BDS. It is one of the most coveted exams in the country because of the large number of applicants applying each year and competing for a limited number of seats. 

After completing Boards, a student needs to allocate a major chunk of waking hours of the day for the exam preparation. The aspirant can divide time between the subjects physics, chemistry and biology. Focus more on Biology and its two sub parts - botany and zoology. Simultaneously one can start practicing with Mock Test Papers & Previous Year Question Papers.

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Whether 7 hours are enough or not depends on a number of factors like understanding of basics and conceptual knowledge, preparation of advanced topics, familiarity with last year papers and exam pattern. 

It's crucial to understand the NEET syllabus comprehensively. NEET primarily tests students' knowledge in three main subjects: PhysicsChemistry, and Biology including Botany and Zoology. Each subject requires a different level of attention and understanding. Spending approximately 2-3 hours on each subject daily can help in covering the syllabus systematically.

During these study hours, it's essential to maintain a balance between learning new concepts, revising previously covered topics, and practicing questions. Active learning techniques, such as summarizing notes, teaching concepts to oneself, and solving problems, can enhance retention and understanding. 


More than the number of hours you are investing it's important to give quality time to the preparation. Number of hours cannot define sure shot success. However, following a strict timetable with consistency and honest efforts can help you achieve your desired goal. 

Things to take care of while preparing a Study Plan 

  • Understand the Basics - It is essential to brush up on your fundamentals. Revisit Class 11th & Class 12th NCERT books and cover the principles. Give sufficient time. 
  • Prioritize your subjects and don't study all subjects together. 
  • Once you have completed the basics. Start studying from advanced level books which are recommended for the NEET Exam. This broadens the vision and improves comprehension. 
  • Avoid Common Mistakes, which are usually made by candidates, like following just one guide and keeping their sources limited. 
  • Practising with Mock Test Papers and Sample question papers is crucial to test one's preparation. 
  • Regular self-assess yourself to know where one stands and the areas one needs to improve.

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Preparing for NEET is an uphill task. One needs to give their all to get through the exam as the syllabus is vast and there is always a run against the time. 

We wish you Luck! Rise & Shine.

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