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Redefine the role of the teacher with 7 classroom changes

Redefine the role of the teacher with 7 classroom changes

  • October 11, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

A teacher who considers teaching as a profession rather than trade is rare to find these days. Role of the teacher in students' life is very critical. 

Teaching is not about lecturing but rather, offering every student in the classroom a rich, rewarding, unique, and constructive learning experience. The education isn't limited to the classroom but, instead, goes beyond it and knowledge and information isn't confined to the books but available everywhere in small gestures and sweet smiles.

In today’s world, students aren't consumers of your information but instead are the real-time creators of knowledge. 

Teachers supposedly think that they are required to educate every student in the same way, but they are wrong. Every student has its own quality, its own grasping power, and its own inclination. Role of the teacher is to work equally for everyone making everyone a better person for the world ahead.
These 7-classroom changes will help you get all your students on the same page and develop in all aspects of life.


7-classroom changes:

1. Adapt to new practices

Teachers should start to adapt and adapt to new teaching practices that acknowledge both the science and art of learning. Role of the teacher  is need to understand that the essence of teaching is a close relationship between a knowledgeable, caring teacher and an enthusiastic, motivated student. The most important role of the teacher is to understand each student in the classroom. Teachers are required to comprehend the unique needs, learning style, abilities, social and cultural interests, and background of every teacher and then plan their teaching sessions accordingly.

2. Enhance your social emotional and intellectual growth

The foremost role of the teacher is to counsel the students as they grow and mature – to help them develop their social, emotional, and intellectual strengths - and therefore enhancing the importance of values and their contribution to society as individuals.

3. Construct Meaningful educational experiences

Being a teacher, you need to search out and construct meaningful educational experiences for your students to help them solve real-world problems. Teachers need to show to their students that what they have learned in the classroom are the big ideas, powerful skills, and habits of mind and heart that they are going to require in future and how things will become easier for them once they align to your classroom teachings.

4. Implement new tools and technologies

The most powerful force holding the interests of the students these days is technology. What if you can implement it into your teachings?
The old ways of teaching were predictable on information scarcity. Teacher’s knowledge is for the students to get in the most easy and interesting way, technology is one such way.

5. Involve students to create classroom guidelines

At the beginning of a new session, why don’t you ask your students what disciplinary rules to set for this academic year. Try to reach mutual conclusions about things like when there should be fun activities or when there should be pin-drop silence and other things.

6. Set learning expectations before teaching

Students often lose interest in the classroom and it’s one of the primary reasons for classroom mismanagement. Teachers need students to know the agenda and set learning expectations at the beginning of the class.


7. Schedule fun activities

Again, role of the teacher is not to give too much stress to students. Try to incorporate fun activities or other engaging subject-related orientation or discussions. For example, you can include educational movies, videos, or games to encourage active learning in your classroom.


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