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  • April 06, 2022
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Teacher - Did you all understand this theorem?


Class - Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am


That one kid – ummm... No ma'am.


Teacher - No? Who was that? Get up!


 -------Pindrop silence-------


Teacher - What happened? Who was it?  Speak up!


That one kid finally summons his courage and gets up.


Teacher - Of course it had to be you! What’s new in this? You barely concentrate in Maths class. How is it that everyone understands it except you?


Kid - Umm ma'am… ummm.


Teacher - Say something?


Kid - Umm I mean ummm. Actually, Ma'am I could not catch up with your speed!


Teacher - (who feels humiliated, now in a disrespectful manner says)


If you haven't gotten it yet, then you'll never get it anyway! Stop wasting the time and money of your parents.


I really hope that whoever is reading this never relates to this, because this is not the kind of teacher any kid deserves.


But this was just one example where there's a possibility why kids end up hating Maths.


Most students seem to hate mathematics because of the difficulty that they faced at the beginning in their life while solving the problem, which were not addressed properly with utmost diligent and patience by their respective teacher.


It's not Maths they hate, it's other factors that affect them so much that they don't end up giving their best.


However, it is undeniable that there are also some exceptional teachers, those who teach each student with equal importance and patience, which directly or indirectly helps those students to develop an interest in the particular subject.


Keeping that in mind, we shall discuss other pointers which might be the reason why kids hate mathematics and how we can overcome that.


1. Learning Maths starts with memorizing tables and other basic stuff.


Children with less memorizing power get discouraged and start losing interest in Maths even though they have high creativity and are capable of becoming good in Maths.


2. Students think Maths is for students who have high IQ. This discourages students to study Maths who takes time to process it.


But you have to understand that many mathematicians are slow learners because they learn it with crystal clear understanding. All you need is patience and perseverance. IQ doesn’t matter in the long run.


3. Many thinks Maths is like memorizing formulas and solving. This is wrong. Maths like any other subject is an art. This changes the purpose of learning Maths.


Maths is a very beautiful, creative and intuitive subject. You just have to see it in a different view.


4. Teachers sometimes decrease the curiosity of children. They also teach math stuff in a very boring manner. This also decrease the interest in students.


A good teacher should have knowledge, teaching and creative skill in order to make the child interested in Maths and make him successful in Maths. A teacher is highly responsible for the success of the student in Maths.


5. It is usually because they failed to learn the material in earlier classes. Many other disciplines don’t rely on prior material.


If you learned Differential Calculus well, then Integral Calculus is a series of small steps. But if you did not learn the material in the first class, it is incomprehensible.


Kids don't hate Maths. They just find it difficult to understand the human method of interpretation of the Maths that occurs around them!


The problem with many people is that no one ever explains mathematics to them in a way in which they can relate it to themselves and their lives.


To understand Maths, they should firstly be told about HOW Mathematics relates to THEM!


Ask a kid which fraction is bigger: 2/3 or 3/4? and he might take some seconds to figure out.


But ask the same kid if 2 burgers for 3 kids or 3 burgers for 4 kids offer a bigger share for everyone and voila! You have your answer - Definitely 3 burgers for 4 kids.


So, it's just about communicating in easy language to people which lets them understand it better. And once you get it in their minds, they'll would want to delve into it more.


Indeed, for some people it's easy right since the beginning but with practice and good teaching, anyone can love Mathematics. But this thing has to be done in the very beginning. The base is important.


A good teacher and regular practice are required to understand Maths first. Once you do understand it, you'll love knowing yourself and your world through it! :)





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