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  • June 30, 2022
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The National Testing Agency started its JEE main application process a month back and now the applications for session April are closed which means students are left with some time to prepare for JEE main 2022.

The JEE main by NTA - National Testing Agency is for the admission students in undergraduate programs in IITs, NITs and other Centrally funded institutions for the next academic session 2022 - 2023 in two phases as per the reports April, May will be registration months and exam sessions are June and July.

When preparing the final list for JEE 2022, the best performance out of all these phases will be considered. All the students were having a choice either to appear in all these phases or one.

Now that applications for session one are closed and two will be available tentatively in the first week of May.

Candidates have a chance only up to the given deadline for the second session while the dates for the first session were modified by the National Testing Agency.

JEE mains 2022 April session exams will be conducted from 20 JUNE 2022 to 29 JUNE 2022 and session two exams will take place from 21 JULY 2022 to 30 JULY 2022.

Phase one has already ended. Now that registrations are on their last leg, students are left with 2 months or 60 days or more to prepare for the exams.

As the exams are approaching, students need to buckle up with their preparation and devote serious time to prepare if they want to clear in the first attempt. We understand how students are worried and want clear their exams, so here is the 60-day plan to ease your worries and prepare effectively:


Time Table:

Start with making a timetable for 60 days, you don't have to strain yourself, you just need to give your time effectively and consistently. Discipline and consistency is highly important in the last two months.

Rather than picking up someone else's timetable or from the internet, curate a plan that will suit your environment and the way you study it would be more effective for you.

While creating a timetable, you need to keep in mind that the timetable should be able to reduce your burden in the end days, cover all the essential and top topics, and proper practice time for mock tests should be included.


Solve previous year's question papers:

One of the best ways to make your preparation effective is by solving previous year's question papers, it will not only help you with time management but also help you evaluate which topics you need to brush up.

Now that it's your last 60 days, it's recommended to solve as many papers as possible. Try to solve at least 2 papers every day. JEE mains 2022 students can select Oswaal mock test sample papers for rigorous and efficient practice.


Take short breaks but do not get distracted:

Hard practice can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It's important to maintain your calm throughout the practice to ensure you get the best results.

That's why after you complete a chapter or you feel you are exhausted, take a short break after long hours of study. It will help you become more productive and you can prepare for your exam with your full potential rather than half-heartedly.


Focus on weak subjects:

Now you have the last 60 days, for the first 30 days you need to focus on your weak subjects, give as much time and practice as you can for weak subjects, and understand their concepts.

Allocate proper time for each subject and keep some time assigned for weak subjects. You are already sure about your strengths, so you only need to brush up on mock tests or during the last month of preparation.

Give your first 30 days out of the last 60 to your weak subjects. Allocate some hours for doubt clearing every day and analyze if you are a learner or not.


Attend doubt clearing sessions every day:

During the last days of your preparation, doubt sessions are very crucial, clear your doubts for every mock test and sample questions you solve.

Sometimes recently solved doubts remain in the memory so make sure you clear your doubts for every subject and every mock test you are taking to ensure your core concepts are clear.


Tips for preparing Math for JEE mains 2022:

During the last 60 days, solve as many problems as possible, note down all the important pointers or questions for rapid practice before the mock test, try to maintain accuracy while attempting the mock tests with time constraints, try to solve as many questions as possible in limited time to improve your speed.


Tips for preparing Physics for JEE mains 2022:

Memorize formulas, do not read answers for physics, just like math, solve as many as possible with time constraints, and clear your doubts every day. Solve previous year's questions, and mark important formulas and questions for last week's practice.


Tips for preparing Chemistry for JEE mains 2022:

Use tricks to memorize the periodic table and other formulas, learn and try to memorize exceptions that are asked frequently in tests, etc.


General Tips for Preparing JEE 2022


Consistency is the key to your JEE mains, do not get distracted while following the time table, be consistent with your doubt sessions, practice, learn, and solve mock tests.



During the last days it's natural to get demotivated or stressed, it will only reduce your potential. Try to maintain your motivation by listening to some Ted talks or talking to your fellow students.


Avoid social media platforms:

Social media platforms can be used only when you are taking a break from your long hours of study, do not get carried away with it. Avoid as much as you can, however, you can also limit your time to ease your mind from studies.


To wrap up:

These are some tips and essential things you need to follow during the last 60 days of your practice.

You can change according to your flexibility or the way you are more comfortable, but maintaining discipline and consistency with practice is most important.

You can take help from Oswaal mock test papers or important books for last-minute practice. 


You also need these expert books to get ahead of all -



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