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NCERT Class 12

NCERT Class 12
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NCERT Class 12

The NCERT 12th books are highly useful for the CBSE students of all classes. They are described as the best NCERT 12th books for scoring highest marks in board exams. However, there are a lot of students who segregate their focus and neglect NCERT 12th books.

Are NCERT 12th books good enough for the exams? Well, yes. The answer is that NCERT 12th books are all-inclusive and accomplished to help students get the best out of them. CBSE never asks anything beyond these NCERT 12th books. The students are highly recommended to read and study from NCERT 12th books in detail. As far as guidebooks are concerned, there’s no harm in taking help from these books, but only when you have covered every single line from NCERT 12th book.

Features of NCERT 12th Book

Chapter wise & Topic wise presentation to make learning easier.

Quick Review for in depth study.

Mind maps for concept clarity.

All MCQs with explanations against the correct option.

Some important questions developed by Oswaal’s Expert Panel.

Fully Solved Previous Year’s Questions.

Complete Latest NCERT Textbook & Fully Solved Intext Questions.

Quick Response for Quick Revision on your Mobile Phones /Tablets.

Expert Advice on how to score more suggestions and ideas shared.


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Benefits of NCERT 12th Book 


In-depth understanding of complex subjects

The NCERT 12th book is designed by an expert panel for all students, irrespective of their level of intelligence. NCERT 12th books are meant to clarify doubts, and polish concepts and provide a thorough understanding of topics and subjects.

Most of the questions in board exams are picked from NCERT 12th Books

It’s well known that NCERT 12th books suffice all the questions asked in the CBSE board exams. The students should know that CBSE asks most of the questions from NCERT books only.

 NCERT 12th Books provides better Concept Clarity: NCERT 12th books are the ideal way of studying line by line; and thus, clearing the concepts quite easily. Important concepts and keynotes should be jotted down so that revision of these points could become simple. NCERT 12th books provide better understanding of concepts and the level of exam insight that is not provided by other books. 


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