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CBSE Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 14 - Statistics

CBSE Notes for Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 - Statistics

This CBSE Notes is focused on NCERT for class 10 students. In order to make the preparation of the board aspirants more flourish. These solutions are in accordance with the guidelines and syllabus prescribed by the CBSE or central board of secondary education. These solutions are prepared by our subject experts. 

These solutions are for 10 class maths students who want to score extremely well in their CBSE 2023 examinations. These solutions will help you as a reference tool for better revision. These materials are in context with the sessions 2022-2023.

The questions in this exercise are solved by finding the mean number based upon the statistics given, with the help of the following method 


  • Direct method 
  • Assumed mean method 
  • Step deviation method 

CBSE Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 14 - Statistics | Free PDF Download



In order to find the mean and the missing frequency, a collection of data will be provided to the students. You will be able to study more advanced versions of statistics in the foregoing exercises. Reach us for the practice of the exercise problems for class 10 Maths, chapter 14. Some more materials like notes, books, questions paper, etc. are also provided collectively for the betterment of the board exam point of view. These materials will help the students to score well in their foregoing board examination 


The CBSE Notes, are solved as per the pattern which resembles the examples given prior to the exercise.

NCERT solutions are one of the most explained learning materials which are best for the class 10 board aspirants. Here problems are solved in a detailed way explaining each step and method. 


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Frequently asked questions: 

Question 1 - What is statistics?

Answer -  it is the branch of applied mathematics that involves the description, analysis, and conclusions of inference from quantitative data. 


Question 2 - How are these NCERT solutions help the aspiring 10 board exam giving students?

Answer - These solutions are based on the latest guidelines and syllabus preferred by the CBSE and NCERT solutions also provide study materials that will boost the preparation of the 10 board exam aspiring students. 


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