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NTSE Syllabus | For 2024 Exam | Free PDF Download

The National Talent Search Examination is one of India's most prominent scholarship exams. The purpose of the exam is to find exceptional students from throughout the country and award them with a scholarship programme so that they can continue their education. The National Council of Educational Research and Training administers the examination (NCERT).

A two-tier examination method, Stage I and Stage II, is used to identify students. Only students who pass the stage 1 exam are eligible to take the stage 2 exam. To get good grades in the exam, students must study diligently and be completely conversant with the NTSE Syllabus.

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing for the NTSE exam is the syllabus. The NTSE Syllabus (NTSE stage 1 syllabus and NTSE stage 2 syllabus) is offered here so that students can better prepare for the exam. The NTSE Test is only given to students in Class 10. Only 10th grade students (under the age of 18) are eligible to take the exam.

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NTSE Main Syllabus | For 2024 Exam

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What are the eligibility criteria for this scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for the National Talent Search Examination are as follows:

  • The candidate must be a class 10th or a student from any Private or government school all over India.

  • There is no house restriction.

  • The candidate can be from any Union/State Territory of India.

  • Candidates studying in open or distance learning are also eligible for the exam. The students should be less than 18 years old, not employed and appearing for the class 10 board examination for the first time. 

How can You prepare for this NTSE Exam?

Preparing for National Talent Search Examination requires different strategies to succeed. One important technique is strengthening your understanding of concepts and improving your analytical skills. You should also focus on practical applications. By working hard in these areas, you will bring the concepts in the syllabus to life and reach your potential for the 10th grade. There is a valuable resource to help you in your NTSE journey:

NTSE previous year question paper: When you look at the NTSE previous year question paper, you embark on a journey of discovery. By solving the questions and understanding their complexities, you will gain insights and see how well you're doing. Imagine yourself in the exam hall, well-prepared with knowledge. By practising with previous papers and sample questions, you can simulate the real exam experience and improve your performance. With each answer you write, you will gain more confidence and understanding.

This preparation will give you specific knowledge for the NTSE and guide you on your path. Combine the strength of understanding concepts with the wisdom gained from past experiences. You will exceed expectations and achieve success by mastering your knowledge and understanding of the NTSE.

The NTSE Exam Pattern remains consistent for both stages, encompassing multiple-choice questions. The examination comprises three tests, each serving a distinct purpose:

Mental Ability Test (MAT): This segment evaluates students' problem-solving prowess and reasoning skills. The questions are designed to gauge candidates' mental aptitude across various domains. It challenges their logical and analytical reasoning abilities while assessing their capacity for reasoning, thinking, evaluating, discriminating, and visualising.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): This section encompasses subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and English Language. It examines students' competence in reading, interpreting, evaluating, and possessing general knowledge in these subjects. A comprehensive understanding of the NTSE Syllabus is crucial for candidates to enhance their preparation and excel in this section.

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