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Are 3 months sufficient for GATE Exam preparation?

Are 3 months sufficient for GATE Exam preparation?

  • May 02, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering is the most prestigious exam in India, and it is conducted to offer admissions to postgraduate programs (ME/MTech) and job opportunities in various PSU sectors. The GATE syllabus is vast and requires more time to cover, so if you want to prepare for the GATE Exam in 3 months, you need a well-structured and effective preparation plan. But it's not impossible if one is serious and dedicated to succeed in the exam. 

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Prepare the Weekly Study Plan -

Candidates must prepare a weekly study plan to cover the complete syllabus and evaluate their weekly progress to follow further plans. It will help you a lot to prepare for all the topics. One should give more time to weaker sections and comparatively less time to strengthen topics to manage your time effectively.

Strengthen the weaker topics -

The aspirants must figure out the weaker topics and subjects priorly and plan a strategy to strengthen them. This is the best approach to clarify all the topics in depth. Candidates must practice the previous year's question papers and mock papers to identify the weaker topics which require improvement.

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Practice -  

Use Oswaal Books GATE previous year Solved Papers for practising questions and gaining insight on important topics and understanding the exam pattern.

Follow Short Notes - 

During the preparation phase, candidates must choose the relevant study material to prepare as per the need of the examination. Candidates must simultaneously test themselves while preparing to check their conceptual knowledge. 

Make Effective Revision -

Revision is the most essential process to prepare for the exam to enhance their score. The revision helps to brush up the concepts and make students ready to face the examination. Candidates are advised to revise all topics.

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Take Mock Tests - 

Practice from Mock tests to test your knowledge and improve the speed of your tasks.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle -

Eat light and exercise while you study so you have more energy. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and a balanced approach is the key to keeping the mind light and stress-free from the exam pressure.

All the Best!

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