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Can I Crack CLAT by Self Study?

Can I Crack CLAT by Self Study?

  • May 22, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

India has its prestigious National Law Universities to which The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the key. If you succeed in CLAT, you can pursue a fulfilling legal profession. However, a significant number of students who want to appear for the entrance exam are still confused about whether they can crack it by studying on their own without any coaching. 

The answer is an emphatic YES! Yes You Can Crack CLAT by Self-Study with only Discipline and right resources. Though, it is structured guidance from coaching institutes whereas self-study permits adopting your study plan according to your strong and weak areas.

Why CLAT Self-Study Can Be Your Winning Formula?

By going at one’s own pace, one can delve deep into concepts which are difficult to understand. An individual also has an opportunity to go back to some parts of the course and practice more questions from areas he/she feels not well conversant with. This personalized approach will considerably enhance your understanding and retention.

Self-study helps to develop independence as well as time management skills. You teach yourself how to set goals that are attainable, motivate yourself as well as create a timetable for learning purposes alone. These skills are very important throughout your law career or while studying this field.

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Building a Roadmap to Success

The 1st step towards cracking CLAT through self-study involves understanding the exam pattern & syllabus of this examination. Get the official notification of CLAT so that you can learn about various topics that should be covered based on the weight of different sections in this particular paper.

Arm Yourself with the Right Resources

Therefore, useful books for each section should be built up. Purchase high-quality reference materials covering all subjects within the syllabus of CLAT Exam. Find books that have simple descriptions, relevant examples and enough exercises on them like practicing using online resources too; they greatly supplement one another. 

Look for free distribution sites such as these ones: reputable websites offering free CLAT Previous Year Question Papers and mock tests for CLAT. More such papers will enable you to familiarize yourself with the format of the questions, time limitations, and complexity.

Crafting Your Personalized Study Plan

Come up with a practical plan for each section which has an adequate time limit. Give detailed attention to all subjects but put much effort into sections that are difficult. Here is how to approach every section:


  • Logical Reasoning: In order to practice puzzles, syllogisms and critical reasoning questions are available in books regarding CLAT or online resources, thus enhancing analytical skills as well as reasoning.
  • Legal Reasoning: Start with introductory law books or consider taking online courses about legal concepts in general. Concentrate on learning how to identify legal issues, analyze arguments and apply the principles of law.
  • Quantitative Techniques: Calculate percentages, basic algebra, averages and data interpretation, which involves revisiting some mathematics concepts from earlier grades. Many CLAT Books are specially written for this particular area.
  • Current Affairs: Get your hands on newspapers, news websites and informative magazines in order to keep abreast of national and international news.
  • English Language: Practice reading comprehension skills regularly along with your vocabulary development & grammar improvement. It is strongly recommended that one should engage themselves in reading good quality newspapers or novels that would greatly improve their English language ability.

Remember, Yes, You Can Crack CLAT by Self-Study! The CLAT can be conquered and one can secure one’s place in the leading law schools of India by dedicating oneself, having the necessary materials and adopting a planned approach. Believe in yourself, concentrate and see your hard labour bring results!

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