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How Many Mock Tests One Must Take Before NEET 2024 Exam?

How Many Mock Tests One Must Take Before NEET 2024 Exam?

  • April 09, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

NEET aspirants! You are now going through a phase of preparation for the upcoming NEET 2024 exam by reading and studying so much. But let’s face it; cramming facts will not be sufficient to overcome this giant. At such a point in time, numerous mock tests come like knights in shining armour. 

The “how many mock tests” aspect is the most perplexing part to many people. However, there isn’t any fixed number that can be given to answer this question. It all depends on a number of factors, including your current knowledge level, your areas of strength and weakness, and how much time you have before the day itself.

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Starting Early is always better: Don’t wait until last minute to show up as a mock test master. The sooner you start the more conversant with the exam pattern, time management and question formats you become. Ideally incorporate mock tests into your preparations at least three months back.

Quality over Quantity (Sometimes!): It might seem attractive to take hundreds of mocks, but remember that quality beats quantity every time. For mock tests that match up to the actual NEET exam in terms of difficulty levels, syllabus coverage, and time limit constraints, choose from reputable coaching centres or online platforms.

Analyze Reflect Repeat: Taking one mock test just means that half of the battle has been won. The real treasure lies within reviewing yourself after taking a test. Analyze your mistakes, locate your weak points or gaps in understanding then revisit those hard topics again for you cannot learn without making some errors.


Here’s what really happens:

The Ten-Test Trooper: If you’re confident with sound groundwork as a student then 10-15 high-quality mocks might be enough. But note that this is only bare minimum.

The Mock Test Marathon Runner: For most NEET aspirants it makes sense to attempt about 20-30 mocks. This helps them improve their examination methodologies, increase stamina for the real one and identify patterns that are common in their wrong answers.

The Mockaholic (Whoa, slow down there!): It is good if you go beyond 30 tests but make sure that you do not just go through the motions. But rather spend time to have a deep analysis and focus on your weaker areas of study. Don’t forget about ‘Quality over Quantity’!

Bonus Tip: Don’t Freak Out! You can check yourself using mock tests; however, low scores should not discourage you. Instead, use it as a signal to work harder.

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Think of mock tests as your personal gym for the NEET fight arena. The more battles you win here, the more confident and prepared you will be when it comes to the real fight. So wear those metaphorical trainers, take that metaphorical pen, and stand by for these mock exams because we all know NEET warriors got this!

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