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How to Score 100 Marks in UGC NET Paper 1?

How to Score 100 Marks in UGC NET Paper 1?

  • April 27, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

UGC NET - University Grants Commission- National Eligibility Test is the qualifying exam for candidates who are aiming to be a College Professor or want to get into research on various subjects can choose this route. Cracking UGC NET is not child's play, but a dedicated systematic approach can lead to success. It is a computer-based 3-hour test in which 150 questions have to be answered. There is no negative marking. 

Paper 1 - All candidates have to take Paper 1 which has 50 questions carrying 100 marks on research/teaching. 

Paper 2 - The candidate can choose their own subject for this exam. 100 questions are asked, carrying 200 marks. 

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If you want to score 100 marks in UGC NET Paper 1, follow these steps sincerely.

1- Focus on Teaching & Research Aptitude-

Practice Previous Year's Question Papers to understand the hypothetical and situational questions asked in the exam. The response of the candidate is analyzed to understand their personality. One can learn from textbooks and YouTube for theory-based questions. One has to be aware of different research methodologies and research peculiarities. Prepare a chart of learning theories to make revision easier. The candidates must know a comparative analysis between various teaching methodologies.  

2- Important Topics in Teaching Aptitude -

Brush up your knowledge about teaching methodologies like the theory of learning, Bloom's taxonomy, and key and helpful behaviour of effective teaching, testing and evaluation, to name a few.  


3- Important Topics in Research Aptitude -

This is one of the most important topics covered in Paper 1. Study citations, references, and research methodologies for the exam.

4- Communication - 

Questions on communication related situations are asked in the classroom. Learn about communication theory and communication models. Also study how technology can be used in the classroom. 

5- ICT Information & Communication Technology -

Make yourself familiar with computer-based knowledge, especially stressing over computer memory and number systems. Questions are frequently asked about the government initiatives like SWAYAM & SWAYAMPRABHA and the educational potential of MOOC.

6-People & Environment - 

Learn about contemporary topics which are not part of the syllabus like SDG's, MDG's, environmental issues, energy resources in India, global warming, greenhouse effect, disaster mangement. 

7- Higher Education -

Give good importance to the new National Education Policy (NEP) and the regulatory frameworks related to the environment, skill development, value-based education, and higher education sectors. Make notes while studying different education systems during ancient India, British India, pre-independence & post-independence time periods.   

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8- Reasoning -

The best way to prepare for reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and data interpretation is by practising from UGC NET Books and previous year question papers and UGC NET mock test papers. 

Start attempting Mock Test Papers for specific topics from the beginning and the entire Mock Test Paper while you continue to prepare and finish the syllabus once. This will give you good insight as to how to approach the exam and which topics to focus on more. At the same time, identify your weaker areas and work on them. Believe in yourself and continue to work hard.

All the Best! 

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