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Is 3 Months Enough for UGC NET Preparation?

Is 3 Months Enough for UGC NET Preparation?

  • May 14, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

UGC NET books have the power to set the exams on fire. The course of the UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) examination is far more complicated than it may look at first glance. Candidates incur the burden of time management and a big supply of the syllabus.

Even though you have just three months to complete our task, you can manage the difficulty if you listen to the plan carefully and utilize the available resources to make success an inevitable outcome. In this note, we will discuss the importance of applying the available resources like books for UGC NET and mock tests correctly.

What Is the UGC NET Exam? 

Before going into the content and the examination pattern of the UGC NET, it is necessary to gain an understanding of the examination scheme and its content. It is an online exam that contains multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

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The UGC NET exam consists of two papers: Question Paper I (General aptitude) and Paper II (subject-specific).

  • Paper-I is designed to assess teaching and research aptitude, logical reasoning, comprehension, divergent thinking, and common sense, the last factors being crucial for an effective leader.
  • Paper II aims to test how much the candidate has studied the subject and how good she is at it.

Is Three Months Enough?

In only 3 months, you can be fully ready for UGC NET if you use the time properly and wisely. Here's how:


Create a Study Plan

  • Divide the course material into parts which you will learn for a set period in a day.
  • Choose the topics defining your areas of competence about the weightage.
  • Set up achievable and simple daily/weekly study plans to ensure that your studies go well.

Utilize Available Resources

  • Textbooks, resources, online courses, and study guides are all different resources that can be used to study every topic in depth.
  • Leverage the websites containing the UGC NET mock test and the old year’s question paper to practice more and evaluate yourself.

Focus on Weak Areas

  • Make use of different evaluation techniques so that you will know where exactly you can improve and concentrate more on them during that time.
  • Extrude some extra time to the complicated part and keep it balanced with other parts.

Select UGC NET Books Based on Their Credibility and Relevance

  • Pay attention to the most important sources on UGC NET that cover all topics in detail.
  • Select the books written by authority figures with different opinions on the matter to get complete information reflecting on its timeliness and accuracy.

Practice Regularly

  • The exercise will continue to be the base for the knowledge acquisition and career development of problem-solving skills.
  • Put in considerable effort concerning sample tests and practice exams to truly get accustomed to the exam type and the time frame.

Stay Updated

  • Read newspapers, journals, and blogs on current affairs, your field of study, and educational trends.
  • Reliable news sources, journals, and academic publications are some of the great ways to expand your knowledge and make it broader.

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Seek Guidance

  • Reach out to experienced mentors, teachers, or subject experts and ask them to help you overcome complex topics and clarify your doubts.
  • Be a part of study groups or online forums where ideas are exchanged, concepts are discussed, and motivation is increased during the whole preparation period.

To conclude, three months is adequate to prepare for the UGC NET exam but it requires careful planning and proper utilization of study materials like UGC NET books and online tests. If you are going to sit for the UGC NET exam you must follow a proper study plan and practise regularly. 

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