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  • July 02, 2022
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Students have a different connection with the teachers and if a teacher is helping them develop their personality on all grounds then students do prefer that teacher.

Learning is a two-way process and it can’t be completed without the students or the teacher. For the same, we provide specimen books for teachers.

But, have you encountered a scenario that why students prefer one teacher over the other? Or why do they have a different bonding with the teacher who communicates with them?

Well, several reasons contribute to this thing. If you want to understand the mentality of the students and have a better rapport with them, then you must understand why students prefer teachers who are more than just a teacher.

If you want to get clarity on this aspect then stay glued to this blog till the end and you will come across every aspect of what the students desire.


Why some teachers can connect better with the students?

You must be wondering how some teachers connect with the students more than others. To get a clear perspective on this aspect it is very important to understand how one teacher stands out from another.

Once you know this, only then you will realize why students prefer those teachers who are more than just teachers.

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1. Technique of starting the lecture

One technique that will set apart a better teacher from a good teacher is the way of starting the lecture.

Some of the teachers simply come into the classroom and start with the lecture just as a means of completing their job. But, this is something students don't like.

If a teacher comes into the classroom and doesn't greet the students with a smile or even pass a smile to them then students won't get connected to the teacher at the very first instance.

As a result, students like those teachers who come into class and ask them about their well-being and greet them with a generous smile to start the lecture.

If you are a teacher then you can make the environment of the class a bit enjoyable by introducing some fun games via means of learning.

Encourage students to take part in these games. Besides that, introduce some reward systems in the game so that students become more inspired to take part in the game and learn.

You can even deliver the lecture in the class via means of some short story that will help the students easily retain the lecture. You can use your in-depth knowledge to connect with the students with the help of our specimen books for teachers. Moreover, it will create a curiosity among the students regarding the next steps in the lecture.


2. Classroom environment

If the same thing keeps on happening at the same place then it will create boredom. On similar grounds, if a teacher can make changes in the stagnant environment of the classroom then it can help the students to connect better with the lecture.

No doubt, changing the classroom environment is not an easy-peasy task. But, with the small and doable steps, it can be achieved.

For example, if a teacher is going to give a lecture on Geography then having a small globe or a map in the class will not only make a difference in the classroom environment but will also help the students learn meticulously.

Moreover, the teacher can guide the students to decorate the class bulletin board which will make the class environment livelier. If the teacher itself takes part in this activity then it will keep the students make a strong bond with them.

Class environment plays a crucial role not only in the development of the students but also in their preference levels for the teacher.


3. Enthusiastic about the subject matter

If a teacher only teaches the students about the subject from the theoretical aspect then students don’t like it.

But, on the other hand, if the teacher includes some real-life examples in the text then students not only start preferring the subject taught by the teachers but also start preferring one teacher over the other.

Being a teacher is not an easy task and if the teacher combines her knowledge with the latest happenings around the globe then students will feel more interested in the class.

If you are a teacher then you must understand that all days are not the same and sometimes students don’t feel like studying. In this situation, you can just have a conversation with them.

Keep the conversation light and ask them about their liking or what their thought process is. On one side, this will help you to understand the students better.

On the other side, it will help the students to develop a friendly connection with the teacher that will further help them understand the concepts better in the longer run.

This will ultimately help the students to concentrate in a better fashion for the upcoming class lectures.


4. Discussion forums

Students like those teachers who use their surplus time have some discussions about the general topic with the students. For example, if all the assignments are up-to-date and the syllabus is complete for the subject.

Then teachers can use this time to interact with the students about the general topics regarding the latest updates around the globe, discoveries or inventions, etc.

This will make the students feel good and relaxed. Moreover, it will instil in the students the feeling that they need to complete their assignments well in time to enjoy such sessions.

Therefore, it will act as a win-win situation for both ends. These small discussion forums will even help the students to develop their soft skills which will help them in the long run.

This is something that binds the students with the teacher and they prefer the one that is not just a teacher but also a great communicator.


5. Teacher’s personality

The teacher's personality is some of the key areas that help the students to maintain a rapport between them.

A teacher's personality plays a key role in motivating the students be it in any aspect. If a teacher has some beliefs and some extra-ordinary personality then whenever she comes into the class she brings a lot of new things to the table.

With the strong personality of the teacher, students can connect in a better fashion and take part in classroom activities that make them one teacher preferred over the other.


6. Tech-based support

Nowadays, students are more techno-savvy and they want to learn things in the same way. Students are hardly pleased by the traditional methods that have been used for learning.

If teachers want to be more understanding of the students then they should mend their ways with the technology and use some technical teaching methodologies in the classroom.

Students can learn in a better fashion by watching the lectures rather than just listening to them with half heart. Therefore, teachers can use techniques like PowerPoint presentations, showing videos, etc. to engage the students.

Students like the teachers who teach them the way they want to be taught. Moreover, it allows them to explore various horizons that otherwise would have not been possible due to traditional learning methods.

Teachers should also keep a tab that screen time given to the students must be limited so that it can help them improve their learning and not deteriorate their eyesight.


Final Thoughts

By the above-mentioned ways, you must have got an idea that why students prefer teachers who are more than just a teacher.

If teachers can use communication effectively and transform their teaching style then students will start making a rapport with them. This will not only help them learn better but will also boost their confidence levels.

Make sure that students are given the flexibility to have a say about what they feel and whether they are understanding everything in the class or not.

Therefore, to have a better learning experience students and teachers should collectively work to change their learning curve.


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