Publishers do not supply your orders on time.

  • Oswaal Books follows a super-fast packing & dispatch process. 95% of orders are dispatched within 24 hours.
  • Oswaal Books delivers books at your doorstep through most reliable and fastest cargo services like Fedex & Rivigo.
  • Moreover, you get the above service absolutely free.

Publishers fail to supply you the complete Orders.

  • Oswaal Books follows a Technology Driven Inventory Management System, which helps us to deliver 90% of the books ordered.

You have to continuously follow up with Publishers to know the Status of your Orders.

  • Oswaal Books follows a seamless 7-point checklist, to ensure that you know the Status of your order at every Step.
  • You will get Automatic SMS at the following 4 stages:
    1. Order Receipt
    2. Order Processed
    3. Order Cargo Tracking Details
    4. Order Delivery Confirmation`
  • Oswaal Books will appoint a Dedicated Customer Relationship Specialist for you.
  • 80% of your queries will be resolved in 30 mins. Any major issue will be resolved in 24 hrs.

Your shop / godowns are filled with Slow Selling Books

  • Oswaal Books always sends Updated Pattern Books to Dealers which are hot selling for those months.
  • You will be able to increase your profits by up to 45% by selling Oswaal Books

Publishers settle your credit amount with Books only.

  • Oswaal Books know the value of your hard-earned money.
  • We offer No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee to all our Dealers.


In the past year, more than 800 book shops joined hands with us and increased their profits by upto 45%.


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Shivam Book & Stationers,
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