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CBSE Class 10 Science Notes Chapter 12: Electricity

CBSE Class 10 Science Notes Chapter 12 - Electricity is a useful and important study material for the students for understanding the concepts of Chapter 12 Electricity and also for gaining knowledge related to electricity.

 A brief introduction to electricity by experts and skilled teachers is provided at OSWAAL.

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OSWAAL  not only provides the best notes for Chapter 12 Electricity For CBSE Class 10 Science but also strives to influence utmost informational value. Of course, this means the content provided by OSWAAL becomes more complicated, but we have ensured that the language used is easy and that all technical terminology is clarified in detail.

Notes of Chapter 12 Electricity are formulated by our professionals concerning the CBSE syllabus.

For your convenience of preparation and also for solving different types of questions these notes are provided.

Current and voltage 

Atomic Structure


Conductor and insulator 

Electric potential and potential difference 

Models of electric current 

Electric current(I)

  • The flow of electric charge is greatly known as electric current.
  • A flow of charge carriers is usually electron and electron-deficient atoms.
  • It is represented by:  I= Q/t

Drift velocity of the electron

Battery and it's working

Electric circuit

Electric circuit and circuit diagram

  • A closed-loop path which is taken by the current is known as an electric circuit.
  • Representation of an electric circuit with the help of different types of symbols is known as a circuit diagram

Resistance and Ohm's law

Factors affecting Resistance and how they affect



Combination of resistor

Equivalent Resistance of a system of resistors

  • The equivalent resistance of two resistors is given as:
  • In series, Req=R1+R2
  • In parallel, 1/Req= 1/R1+ 1/R2

Electric Power and AC

Heating Effect of Current

Joule’s Law

Electric Power

 Learn important concepts and discover the applications of electricity and also explore how electricity works at the molecular level. In Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity notes finds more learning resources and all of these resources are designed to help students learn in the most efficient way possible.

With the help of OSWAAL notes, students can top in their studies and can score reasonable marks in the examinations. Class 10 is known as an important stage in the life of students as Class 10 consists of the topics which are crucial to understanding completely to avoid trouble in the future. To help students understand the concepts OSWAAL brings notes, sample papers, videos and also animation for the students. 

Frequently Asked Questions based  on CBSE Class 10 Physics Notes Chapter 12: Electricity

 Name the topics covered in CBSE Chapter 12 Class 10 Science notes.

The topics covered in Chapter 12 Electricity Class 10 Science notes are –

  • Introduction of the chapter 
  • About Current
  • The potential difference – And also the definition of volt and voltmeter
  • Ohm’s law – And the definition of Ohm and resistance
  • Factors on which the resistance of the conductor depends – Definition of Resistivity
  • Resistors arranged in the series combination – Total/resultant/ overall and voltage across each resistor
  • Resistors are arranged in parallel combinations.
  • The advantage of parallel combination over the series combination
  • Effect of heating of an electric circuit – Joule’s law of the heating effect of electric current, electric fuse, electric power

Explain why the students should download the CBSE Notes For Class 10 Science Chapter 12 PDF?

Chapter 12 Notes For Class 10 Science PDF includes diagrams and solutions to all concepts provided in the textbook. Every concept is explained by experts and teachers by keeping in mind the understanding capacities of students. The concepts which are created exactly adhere to helping students to face the exams without fear of failing. It also refers to students' understanding of concepts which are crucial from the exam point of view.

What do you understand about electric power?

The amount of energy generated per second or the rate at which electric energy is transmitted is known as electric power.

How do these notes help in preparation for Board exams?

These notes provide a detailed summary of all the topics present in the chapter that greatly helps in last minute revision. You can get all the important definitions and formulae that are asked directly in board exams.

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