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  • December 14, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Google it now – “how to solve sample papers”.  


You’ll find tons of blogs on why sample papers are necessary, or how they are vital, or the importance of sample papers, but none on how to solve sample papers.


It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a proper way to solve sample papers, it’s just that no one has ever talked about it.


That’s right!


There’s a proper, well-researched and highly recommended way to solve sample papers and take the most out of them, but nobody talks about it.




Coz nobody cares about it, simple.  


We thought about it a bit, researched about it and then we worked on it.


And here we are with 3 proper tips you can use while solving the sample papers and make your preparations more effective.



# Tip No.1 – Sample papers are for practice not for learning.


Understand this, if you’re solving the sample papers of a particular subject and you haven’t covered the entire course of the subject, then the sample are of no use.


That’s right, we don’t want you to buy sample papers blindly. Don’t get trapped by false advertisements saying that sample papers are enough for exams. NO, THEY AREN’T.


Therefore, the first tip is to solve sample papers only when you have the complete knowledge of that particular subject.


Sample papers are just for practice, to polish whatever you have learned so far.



# Tip No.2 – Forget the word “Sample” in the sample papers.


Now that you have the subject knowledge, start solving sample papers, but consider them as the original exam papers and not the sample papers.


Technically, sample papers are designed in accordance with latest updates, exam duration and exam pattern. So, solve them the way you would do in the examination hall.


Get into a clean and private room, set the clock according to exam time, keep the water bottle handy, take all your necessary stationary items with you, keep your mobile off and away from yourself, and most importantly DO NOT CHEAT.


If you solve the sample papers in the exact manner the way you would do in exams, no matter how poor your final result comes out, you will get an idea of where you’re in your preparations and what exactly are your loopholes and weak points.


This is very important to know your level of preparation. If you’re scoring low don’t worry, at least now you know what is lacking and what you need to do.


Do you know this European Study Method to excel your preparations in two weeks? Read to know!



# Tip No.3 – First subject-wise then preparation-wise.


First solve sample papers of every subject and note down your results. Also note down the particular topics or areas that are troubling you the most.


Are you good at case-based questions, or competency-based questions or at stand-alone questions, or neither of them or either of them or two out of them? Analyze this, make note of everything.        


Once you have solved the sample papers of every subject then you would get an idea of your strong and weak subjects.


Now, start solving sample papers according to subjects. Categorize the subjects in three columns – PriorityModerateClarity.


Those which need attention and are your weakest, put them in Priority.


Those which are next to the priority, put them in Moderate.  


Those which need least attention and are your strongest, put them in Clarity.


Once you’re done with the subjects, pick the typologies, case-based, competency-based, stand alone, etc.


Follow the same method for typologies and after few days, you’ll realise that you have truly done the thorough preparation.


Now you have only done your preparation according to exam pattern, but even if the exam pattern changes a bit at the last moment, then still, you’ll be completely ready for it.





Bottom Line


We have said it a thousand time, we’ll say it again.


The only motto by which we, at Oswaal Books, work is – Make Learning Simple.


Our sample papers are designed according to the latest updates and exam pattern and that’s what makes them unique and useful.


If you’re blindly solving the sample papers without the understanding how to use the sample papers to their fullest, then you’re aren’t on the right track.


Understand this – If you’re not going forward then you’re going backwards.   


Use these tips, they’re simple coz they are effective and they’re effective coz they’re simple.


If you liked this blog, then kindly share it among your friends to help them too.  


All the Best!  


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